Stripline beam position monitors for ELBE

Stripline beam position monitors for ELBE

Evtushenko, P.; Büttig, H.; Büchner, A.; Jordan, K.; Michel, P.; Schurig, R.

The ELBE accelerator needs a non-destructive system for measurement of the electron beam position at about 30 location. To obtain the required resolution about 100mm a system of stripline beam position monitors (BPM) is under design. The stripline BPM can work in full power mode almost without influence on the beam. To study the basic operational principle of the stripline BPM and to get information about BPM signal behavior we did a set of measurements on the ELBE injector. The resolution of the BPM was measured as a function of the electron beam current; at an electron beam current of 1mA the resolution is about 30mm. One of the BPMs will be installed upstream the cryomodule. Since the power spectrum of the beam depends on the bunch length, measurements in the frequency domain give us information about the length of the bunch entering the cryomodule with RF cavities. The BPM will serve for setting correct phase and power of both bunchers of the injector and for measurements of the electron beam position at the entrance of the cryomodule. There are two alternative schemes of the BPM electronics under development. The first one is based on the logarithmic amplifier AD8313, another one on the an rms-responding true power detector AD8361. Both of them can process RF signals with frequencies up to 2.5GHz. The BPM electronics will operate at the fundamental frequency of the accelerator which is 1.3GHz.

1 FZR, , Germany
2 TJNAF, Newport News, Virginia, USA

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    Talk at DPG 2001 Erlangen

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