Electroproduction of Strangeness on Light Nuclei

Electroproduction of Strangeness on Light Nuclei

Dohrmann, F.; Abbott, D.; Ahmidouch, A.; Ambrozewicz, P.; Armstrong, C. S.; Arrington, J.; Asaturyan, R.; Assamagan, K.; Avery, S.; Bailey, K.; Baker, O. K.; Beedoe, S.; Bitao, H.; Breuer, H.; Brown, D. S.; Carlini, R.; Cha, J.; Chant, N.; Christy, E.; Cochran, A.; Cole, L.; Collins, G.; Cothran, C.; Crowder, J.; Cummings, W. J.; Danagoulian, S.; Duncan, F.; Dunne, J.; Dutta, D.; Eden, T.; Elaasar, M.; Ent, R.; Ewell, L.; Fenker, H.; Fortune, H. T.; Fujii, Y.; Gan, L.; Gao, H.; Garrow, K.; Geesaman, D. F.; Gueye, P.; Gustafsson, K.; Hafidi, K.; Hansen, J. O.; Hinton, W.; Jackson, H. E.; Juengst, H.; Keppel, C.; Klein, A.; Koltenuk, D.; Liang, Y.; Liu, J. H.; Lung, A.; Mack, D.; Madey, R.; Markowitz, P.; Martoff, C. J.; Meekins, D.; Mitchell, J.; Miyoshi, T.; Mkrtchyan, H.; Mohring, R.; Mtingwa, S. K.; Mueller, B.; O'Neill, T. J.; Niculescu, G.; Niculescu, I.; Potterveld, D. H.; Price, J. W.; Raue, B. A.; Reimer, P. E.; Reinhold, J.; Roche, J.; Roos, P.; Sarsour, M.; Sato, Y.; Savage, G.; Sawafta, R.; Segel, R. E.; Semenov, A. Y.; Stepanyan, S.; Tadevosian, V.; Tajima, S.; Tang, L.; Terburg, B.; Uzzle, A.; Wood, S.; Yamaguchi, H.; Yan-1, C.; Yan-2, C.; Yuan, L.; Zeier, M.; Zeidman, B.; Zihlmann, B.

The A(e,e'K+)YX reaction has been investigated in Hall C at Jefferson Laboratory. Data were taken for Q^2= 0.35 and 0.5 GeV^2 at a beam energy of 3.245 GeV for 1H,2H,3He, 4He targets. The missing mass spectra are fitted with Monte Carlo simulations taking into account the production of Lambda and Sigma0 hyperon production off the proton, and Sigma- off the neutron. Models for quasifree production are compared to the data, excess yields close to threshold are attributed to FSI. Evidence for Lambda-hypernuclear bound states is seen for 3,4 He targets. This is the first time, the electroproduction of these hypernuclei has been measured.

Keywords: Electroproduction; Strangeness; Hyperons; Hypernuclear boundstates

  • Lecture (Conference)
    SENDAI 03, International Symposium on Electrophoto-production of Strangeness on Nucleons and Nuclei, June 16-18 2003, Sendai. Japan
  • Contribution to proceedings
    Proceedings of SENDAI 03, International Symposium on Electrophoto-production of Strangeness on Nucleons and Nuclei, 16.-18.06. 2003, Sendai, Japan - Singapore World Scientific 2004, 146-151

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