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Experiments and CFX-5 calculation of the stratified flow in a horizontal channel (Part 2: Measurements)

Vallee, C.; S├╝hnel, T.

For the investigation of air/water stratified flow, a horizontal channel with rectangular cross-section was build at Forschungszentrum Rossendorf. The channel allows the investigation of air/water co- and counter-current flows under atmospheric pressure, especially the slug behaviour.
Optical measurements were performed with a high-speed video camera, and were complemented by simultaneous dynamic pressure measurements. Further, an interface capture technique was developed and possible applications (e.g. plot of the time dependent water level in a cross-section, recognition of the slug position) presented.

Keywords: Horizontal two-phase flow; Slug flow; High-speed video observations; Image processing

  • Lecture (Conference)
    Joint FZR & ANSYS Multiphase Flow Workshop: Simulation, Experiment and Applications, 28.-30.06.2004, Dresden, Germany

Publ.-Id: 7055