Survey on finite element software with "multiple physics options"

Survey on finite element software with "multiple physics options"

Herrmannsdörfer, T.

In order to design and optimize pulsed field coils, their current leads, and in particular their reinforcement, we currently test commercial Finite Element software of various suppliers. We concentrate on these programs which have implemented so called "multiphysics modules" which are able to solve combined problems as they typically occur in high field techniques: e.g. calculation of the magnetic field from a current distribution along with the resulting Lorentz forces, stresses, dislocations etc.. In detail, we focus on the programs ANSYS, ANSOFT, as well as FEMLAB. We like to give a brief survey of their usefulness, perspectives, and last but not least, of their cost.

Keywords: Novel Multiphysics Finite Element Software

  • Lecture (Conference)
    1st Workshop on High Field Techniques of the High Field Labs of Toulouse, Nijmegen and Dresden, 21.06.2002, Dresden, Deutschland

Publ.-Id: 7201