NMR studies of YbB6

NMR studies of YbB6

Gavilano, J. L.; Mushkolaj, S.; Rau, D.; Ott, H. R.; Bianchi, A.; Fisk, Z.

We report results of DC-magnetization and 11B-NMR measurements on single crystalline YbB6. The magnetization data at temperatures between 4 and 300 K reveal weak ferromagnetic order with a T C>300 K. It involves very small ordered moments, of the order of 0.002 µB/f.u., representing only a small fraction of the effective paramagnetic moment per formula unit that is indicated by the magnetic susceptibility. The latter can be accounted for by assuming that 2% of all the Yb atoms adopt the Yb+3 configuration. Since almost all the Yb ions adopt the divalent configuration one expects YbB6 to be a poor metal.

Keywords: NMR; Magnetism; Hexaborides

  • Physica B: Condensed Matter 329-333(2003)Part II, 570-571

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