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Excitation dynamics in La0.875Sr0.125MnO3 measured by resonant Auger electron and resonant x-ray emission spectroscopies

Mentes, T. O.; Bondino, F.; Magnano, E.; Zangrando, M.; Kuepper, K.; Galakhov, V. R.; Mukovskii, Y. M.; Neumann, M.; Parmigiani, F.

The charge transfer dynamics of an underdoped manganite is probed by resonant x-ray emission and Auger electron spectroscopies at the Mn L3 edge. The dispersion of peak positions, as the incident photon energy is tuned through the absorption threshold, gives direct information on the relaxation rate in terms of the core-hole lifetime and the localization behavior of the states involved. The charge transfer time is found to be around 0.45 fs, with a dependency on the final state d-band occupancy.

Keywords: PACS: 79.60.-i; 72.15.Lh; 71.70.Ch; 78.70.En

Publ.-Id: 8973