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omega - pi gamma* transition form factor in proton-proton collisions

Kaptari, L. P.; Kämpfer, B.

Dalitz decays of omega and rho mesons, omega to pi0gamma* topi0 e+e- and rho0 to pi0gamma* to pi0 e+e-, produced in pp collisions are calculated within a covariant effective meson-nucleon theory.
We argue that the omega transition form factor F_{omega to pi0gamma*} is experimentally accessible in a fairly model independent way in the reaction pp to pp pi0 e+ e- for invariant masses of the pi0 e+ e- subsystem near the omega pole.
Numerical results are presented for the intermediate energy kinematics of envisaged HADES experiments.

  • European Physical Journal A 31(2007)2, 233-243

Publ.-Id: 9000