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Study of spectator tagging in the reaction np → ppπ- with a deuteron beam

Abdel-Bary, M.; Brinkmann, K.-T.; Clement, H.; Doroshkevich, E.; Dshemuchadse, S.; Erhardt, A.; Eyrich, W.; Freiesleben, H.; Gillitzer, A.; Jäkel, R.; Karsch, L.; Kilian, K.; Kuhlmann, E.; Möller, K.; Morsch, H. P.; Naumann, L.; Paul, N.; Pizzolotto, C.; Ritman, J.; Roderburg, E.; Schönmeier, P.; Schroeder, W.; Schulte-Wissermann, M.; Sun, G. Y.; Teufel, A.; Ucar, A.; Wagner, G. J.; Wagner, M.; Wintz, P.; Wüstner, P.; Zupranski, P.

The reaction dppppπ- has been studied in a kinematically complete experiment at a single beam momentum pd =1.85 GeV/c (T = 759MeV). All four ejectiles have been detected in the large-acceptance time-of-flight spectrometer COSY-TOF. We analyzed the data along the lines of the spectator model as a means to isolate the quasi-free nppppπ- reaction. The spectator proton was identified by its momentum and flight direction thus yielding access to the associated Fermi motion of the bound neutron. A comparison is carried out with Monte Carlo simulations based on two different parameterizations of the deuteron wave function. Up to a Fermi momentum of roughly 150MeV/c no significant deviations between experimental and simulated data of various observables were found from which we conclude that the deuteron can indeed be taken as a valid substitute for the neutron.

Keywords: .Cs Nucleon-nucleon interactions; Nuclear reactions involving few-nucleon systems; Dh Storage rings

Publ.-Id: 9014