DYN3D-MSR spatial dynamics code for Molten Salt Reactors

DYN3D-MSR spatial dynamics code for Molten Salt Reactors

Krepel, J.; Rohde, U.; Grundmann, U.; Weiß, F.-P.

The development of spatial dynamics code for Molten Salt Reactors (MSR) is reported in this paper. The graphite-moderated channel type MSR - one of the 'Generation IV' concepts - was selected for the numerical simulation. It has several peculiarities (e.g. the drift of delayed neutrons precursors), which disable the use of standard dynamics codes. Therefore, the own DYN3D-MSR code was developed. It is based on the light water reactor code DYN3D and it allows transients simulation by 3D neutronics and parallel channel thermal-hydraulics. The neutronics and thermal-hydraulics were modified for the MSR peculiarities, where the experience from DYN1D-MSR development was exploited. The code was validated on experimental results from the MSRE experiment done in Oak Ridge National Laboratory and by the comparison with other codes especially with the 1D version. However, by the 3D code transients can be simulated, where space-dependant efforts are relevant, like local blockage of fuel channels or local temperature perturbations.

Keywords: Molten; Salt; Dynamics; MSR; MSRE; MSBR

  • Annals of Nuclear Energy 34(2007), 449-462

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