PC driven etching system for emitter needle tips

PC driven etching system for emitter needle tips

Pilz, W.; Lange, H.; Akhmadaliev, C.; Zimmermann, L.; Bischoff, L.

The reproducible forming of emitter needle tips is a serious demand for the fabrication of liquid metal ion sources. The movement of the needle into the etch solution, for tungsten 1n NaOH is used, a PC driven step motor with an increment of 2 ┬Ám is used. Due to the adjustment of the motion as a function of height and time the optimum shape of the tip can be repeatable etched. This process is controlled on a monitor optically using a long distance microscope and a video system. Characteristic needle tips with a radius of a few micron are presented.

Keywords: emitter needle; liquid metal ion source; etching; PC control

  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    1st Workschop on Ion Beams from L.M.I.S. and Applications, 03.12.06, Lamia, Greece

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