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Tailoring and Imaging the Magnetization Dynamics in Microstructures

Fassbender, J.

It will be shown how the magnetization dynamics can be modified and tailored by means of either ion implantation or ion beam milling. Integral measurement techniques like pulsed inductive microwave magnetometry are used. In addition element specific time-resolved imaging is performed by means of photoemission electron microscopy or transmission x-ray microscopy making use of the magnetic x-ray dichroism effect.

Keywords: magnetism; magnetization dynamics; ion implantation; focused ion beam; XMCD; PEEM; TXM

  • Lecture (others)
    Seminarvortrag am 2. Physikalischen Institut der RWTH Aachen, 12.02.2007, Aachen, Deutschland
  • Lecture (others)
    Seminarvortrag am Institut für Festkörperforschung des FZ Jülich, 14.02.2007, Jülich, Deutschland

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