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Carbohydration of branches ligands with a cyclam-core

Röhrich, A.; Noll, S.; Stephan, H.; Steinbach, J.; Kirchner, R.; Seidel, J.

Radiopharmaceuticals based on the metallic radionuclides 64/67Cu, 99mTc, 186/188Re and 90Y are often used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Cyclam and its derivatives are one of the most important ligands for the radionuclides mentioned above.[1] A 99mTc-labelled cyclam derivative with attached nitro-triazole units has the potential to be utilized as a marker for tumor hypoxia.[2] Promising tumor accumulation properties have been found for a 99mTc complex of a water-soluble cyclam-containing porphyrin.[3] Recently, we could show that a star-like cyclam ligand appended with four PEG-arms rapidly forms stable copper(II) complexes.[4] Currently, we are focusing our attention on the development of dendritic ligands having both enhanced complex stability and improved bio-availability. In this nexus, we built up two glycodendrimers possessing a cyclam core modified with thiourea-linked sugar residues at the periphery of the molecule (see scheme). Dendrons possessing such sugar moieties show both unique cell uptake behaviour and specific carbohydrate-protein interaction.[5, 6]

We want to report the 99mTc-labelling of the dendritic ligands synthesized. Furthermore, the interaction of these ligands with concanavalin A has been studied using isothermal titration microcalorimetry. In this nexus, a cluster glycoside effect could be clearly shown.[7]

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    International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics, 19.-21.02.2007, Berlin, Deutschland

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