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Platinum-group element and minerals in the Lower and Middle Group chromitites of the western Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Junge, M.; Oberthür, T.; Osbahr, I.; Gutter, P.

GGR Biennial Critical Review: Analytical Developments Since 2014
Linge, K. L.; Bédard, L. P.; Bugoi, R.; Enzweiler, J.; Jochum, K. P.; Kilian, R.; Jingao, L.; Marin-Carbonne, J.; Merchel, S.; Munnik, F.; Morales, L. F. G.; Rollion-Bard, C.; Souders, A. K.; Sylvester, P. J.; Weis, U.

Recovery potential of flotation tailings assessed by spatial modelling of automated mineralogy data
Büttner, P.; Osbahr, I.; Zimmermann, R.; Leißner, T.; Satge, L.; Gutzmer, J.

Desertification Susceptibility Mapping Using Logistic Regression Analysis in the Djelfa Area, Algeria
Djeddaoui, F.; Chadli, M.; Gloaguen, R.

Integrative interpretation of potential field data by 3D-modeling and visualization
Götze, H.-J.; Schmidt, S.; Menzel, P.

Oncoidal granular iron formation in the Mesoarchaean Pongola Supergroup, southern Africa: Textural and geochemical evidence for biological activity during iron deposition
Smith, A. J. B.; Beukes, N. J.; Gutzmer, J.; Czaja, A. D.; Johnson, C. M.; Nhleko, N.

Die Energiewende braucht verlässliche Rahmenbedingungen für den Metallerzbergbau - The energy transition needs a reliable framework for metal ore mining
Wellmer, F. W.; Gutzmer, J.; Kullik, J.; Erlach, B.
  • GAIA - Ökologische Perspektiven für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft 26(2017)3, 233-236
    DOI: 10.14512/gaia.26.3.4

Solvent extraction: fundamental equilibrium studies of neodymium and DEHPA
Scharf, C.; Ditze, A.

Froth flotation of scheelite - a review
Kupka, N.; Rudolph, M.

Quantifying the relative availability of high-tech by-product metals – The cases of gallium, germanium and indium
Frenzel, M.; Mikolajczak, C.; Reuther, M. A.; Gutzmer, J.

Low-cost production of a beryllium-7 tracer from rainwater and purification: preliminary results
Querfeld, R.; Merchel, S.; Steinhauser, G.

Quantitative mineralogical analysis of European Kupferschiefer ore
Rahfeld, A.; Kleeber, R.; Möckel, R.; Gutzmer, J.

Simplified Expression and Production of Small Metal Binding Peptides
Braun, R.ORC; Matys, S.ORC; Schoenberger, N.; Lederer, F.; Pollmann, K.

Glacier melt buffers river runoff in the Pamir Mountains
Pohl, E.ORC; Gloaguen, R.ORC; Andermann, C.; Knoche, M.

Hyperspectral and LiDAR Fusion Using Extinction Profiles and Total Variation Component Analysis
Rasti, B.; Ghamis, I. P.; Gloaguen, R.

Integration of spectral, spatial and morphometric data into lithological mapping: A comparison of different Machine Learning Algorithms in the Kurdistan Region, NE Iraq
Othman, A. A.; Gloaguen, R.

Genesis of the Carbonate-Hosted Tres Marias Zn-Pb-(Ge) Deposit, Mexico: Constraints from Rb-Sr Sphalerite Geochronology and Pb Isotopes
Ostendorf, J.; Henjes-Kunst, F.; Schneider, J.; Melcher, F.; Gutzmer, J.

Calculating the deportment of a fine-grained and compositionally complex Sn skarn with a modified approach for automated mineralogy
Kern, M.; Möckel, R.; Krause, J.; Teichmann, J.; Gutzmer, J.

Investigation of a bioflotation interface with infrared spectroscopy
Firkala, T.; Lederer, F.; Pollmann, K.; Rudolph, M.

Phage display – a new tool for the recovery of valuable metals from primary and secondary resources
Matys, S.; Lederer, F.; Schönberger, N.; Braun, R.; Lehmann, F.; Flemming, K.; Bachmann, S.; Curtis, S.; Macgillivray, R.; Pollmann, K.
  • Open Access LogoSolid State Phenomena 262(2017), 443-446
    DOI: 10.4028/
  • Lecture (Conference)
    22. International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium, 24.-27.09.2017, Freiberg, Deutschland

Year-round record of bulk and size-segregated aerosol composition in central Antarctica (Concordia site) Part 2: Biogenic sulfur (sulfate and methanesulfonate) aerosol
Legrand, M.; Preunkert, S.; Weller, R.; Zipf, L.; Elsässer, C.; Merchel, S.; Rugel, G.; Wagenbach, D.

MLA-based detection of organic matter with iodized epoxy resin – An alternative to carnauba
Rahfeld, A.; Gutzmer, J.

Eco-efficiency indicator framework implemented in the metallurgical industry: part 2-a case study from the copper industry
Reuter, M. A.; Ronnlund, I.; Horn, S.; Aho, J.; Aho, M.; Paallysaho, M.; Ylimaki, L.; Pursula, T.

The action of cellulose-based and conventional flotation reagents under dry and wet conditions correlating inverse gas chromatography to microflotation studies
Hartmann, R.; Rudolph, M.ORC; Ämmälä, A.ORC; Illikainen, M.

Use of specific metal binding of self-assembling S-layer proteins for metal bioremediation and recycling
Vogel, M.; Matys, S.; Lehmann, F.; Drobot, B.; Günther, T.; Pollmann, K.; Raff, J.
  • Poster
    22. International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium, 24.-27.09.2017, Freiberg, Deutschland
  • Contribution to proceedings
    22. International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium, 24.-27.09.2017, Freiberg, Deutschland
  • Open Access LogoSolid State Phenomena 262(2017), 389-393
    DOI: 10.4028/

The Need for Accurate Geometric and Radiometric Corrections of Drone-Borne Hyperspectral Data for Mineral Exploration: MEPHySTo—A Toolbox for Pre-Processing Drone-Borne Hyperspectral Data
Jakob, S.; Zimmermann, R.; Gloaguen, R.

RLumShiny - A graphical user interface for the R Package ’Luminescence’
Burow, C.; Kreutzer, S.; Dietze, M.; Fuchs, M.; Fischer, M.; Schmidt, C.; Brückner, H.
  • Open Access LogoAncient TL 34(2016)2, 22-32

A multivariate discrimination scheme of detrital garnet chemistry for use in sedimentary provenance analysis
Tolosana-Delgado, R.; von Eynatten, H.; Krippner, A.; Meinhold, G.
  • Contribution to proceedings
    European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017, 23.-28.04.2017, Wien, Österreich
    Proceedings of the European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2017
  • Sedimentary Geology (2018)
    Online First (2017) DOI:

Ionospheric tomography by gradient-enhanced kriging with STEC measurements and ionosonde characteristics
Minkwitz, D.; van den Boogaart, K. G.; Gerzen, T.; Hoque, M.; Hernandez-Pajares, M.

Advanced discrimination of In-bearing minerals by automated mineralogy
Bachmann, K.; Frenzel, M.; Krause, J.; Gutzmer, J.

Particle-based Sb distribution model for Cu–Pb flotation as part of geometallurgical modelling at the polymetallic Rockliden deposit, north-central Sweden
Minz, F. E.; Bolin, N.-J.; Lamberg, P.; Wanhainen, C.; Bachmann, K.; Gutzmer, J.

Lead, Zinc and their minor elements: enablers of a circular economy
Reuter, M. A.; Matusewicz, R.; van Schaik, A.
  • World of Metallurgy - Erzmetall 68(2015)3, 132-146

Distinguishing magmatic and metamorphic processes in peralkaline rocks of the Norra Kärr complex (Southern Sweden) using textural and compositional variations of clinopyroxene and eudialyte-group minerals.
Atanasova, P.; Marks, M. A. W.; Kraise, J.; Gutzmer, J.; Markl, G.; Heinig, T.

Evaluating Moisture and Geometry Effects on L-Band SAR Classification Performance over a Tropical Rain Forest Environment
Liesenberg, V.; Souza Filho, C. R.; Gloaguen, R.
  • IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 9(2016)12, 5357-5368
    DOI: 10.1109/JSTARS.2016.2617120

Cenozoic intracontinental deformation and exhumation at the northwestern tip of the India-Asia collision—southwestern Tian Shan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan
Käßner, A.; Ratschbacher, L.; Jonckheere, R.; Enkelmann, E.; Khan, J.; Sonntag, B.-L.; Gloaguen, R.; Gadoev, M.; Oimahmadov, I.

10Be Surface-Exposure Age Dating of the Last Glacial Maximum in the Northern Pamir (Tajikistan)
Grin, E.; Ehlers, T. A.; Schaller, M.; Sulaymonova, V.; Ratschbacher, L.; Gloaguen, R.

Structural control on drainage network and catchment area geomorphology in the Dead Sea area: an evaluation using remote sensing and geographic information systems in the Wadi Zerka Ma’in catchment area (Jordan)
Odeh, T.; Gloaguen, R.; Mohammada, S. H.; Schirmer, M.

Reply to the comment of Mitchell et al. on “Geomorpho-tectonic evolution of the Jamaican restraining bend” by L. Domínguez-González, L. Andreani, K.P. Stanek and R. Gloaguen [Geomorphology, 228 (2015) 320–334]
Domínguez-González, L.; Andreani, L.; Stanek, K. P.; Gloaguen, R.

Geomorphic analysis of transient landscapes in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas and Maya Mountains (northern Central America): implications for the North American–Caribbean–Cocos plate boundary
Andreani, L.; Gloaguen, R.

Eco-efficiency indicator framework implemented in the metallurgical industry: part 2—a case study from the copper industry
Rönnlund, I.; Reuter, M. A.; Horn, S.; Aho, J.; Aho, M.; Päällysaho, M.; Ylimäki, L.; Pursula, T.

Eco-efficiency indicator framework implemented in the metallurgical industry: part 1 - a comprehensive view and benchmark
Rönnlund, I.; Reuter, M. A.; Horn, S.; Aho, J.; Päällysaho, M.; Ylimäki, L.; Pursula, T.

Thermodynamics of Palladium (Pd) and Tantalum (Ta) Relevant to Secondary Copper Smelting
Shuva, M. A. H.; Rhamdhani, M. A.; Brooks, G. A.; Masood, S. H.; Reuter, M. A.

Spatial variability of source composition and petrogenesis in rift and rift flank alkaline lavas from the Eger Rift, Central Europe
Haase, K. M.; Beier, C.; Regelous, M.; Rapprich, V.; Renno, A. D.ORC

Identification of mineral-binding peptides that discriminate between chalcopyrite and enargite.
Curtis, S.; Lederer, F. L.; Dunbar, S. W.; Macgillivray, R. T. A.

How gangue particle size can affect the recovery of ultrafine and fine particles during froth flotation
Leistner, T.; Peuker, U. A.; Rudolph, M.

The cosmic-ray exposure history of the Twannberg iron meteorite (IIG)
Smith, T.; Hofmann, B. A.; Leya, I.; Merchel, S.; Pavetich, S.; Rugel, G.; Scharf, A.

Biotransformation and detoxification of selenite by microbial biogenesis of selenium-sulfur nanoparticles
Vogel, M.; Fischer, S.; Maffert, A.; Hübner, R.; Scheinost, A.; Franzen, C.; Steudtner, R.

Experimental measurements in melting ingots in the melt of the same material
Ditze, A.; Scharf, C.

Raw material "criticality" - Sense or non-sense
Frenzel, M.; Kullik, J.; Reuter, M. A.; Gutzmer, J.

A Special Issue of the International Journal of Mineral Processing honoring Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Drs. h.c. Heinrich Schubert
Rudolph, M.ORC; Peuker, U. A.ORC

Measurement of the stellar 58Ni(n, γ)59Ni cross section with AMS
Ludwig, P.; Rugel, G.; Dillmann, I.; Faestermann, T.; Fimiani, L.; Hain, K.; Korschinek, G.; Lachner, J.; Poutivtsev, M.; Knie, K.; Heil, M.; Käppeler, F.; Wallner, A.

10Be in the Akademii Nauk ice core – first results for CE 1590-1950 and and implications for future chronology validation
von Albedyll, L.; Opel, T.; Fritzsche, D.; Merchel, S.; Laepple, T.; Rugel, G.

Efficient simulation of stationary multivariate Gaussian random fields with given cross-covariance
Teichmann, J.; van den Boogaart, K. G.

Recycling Indices Visualizing the Performance of the Circular Economy
Reuter, M. A.; van Schaik, A.
  • World of Metallurgy - Erzmetall 69(2016)4, 201-216

Strategic metal recycling: adaptive metallurgical processing infrastructure and technology are essential for a Circular Economy
Reuter, M. A.; van Schaik, A.
  • Annales des Mines - Responsiabilité & Environnement (2016)82, 62-66

Digitalizing the Circular Economy: Circular Economy Engineering Defined by the Metallurgical Internet of Things
Reuter, M. A.

A mineral liberation study of grain boundary fracture based on measurements of the surface exposure after milling
Leißner, T.ORC; Hoang, D.; Rudolph, M.ORC; Heinig, T.; Bachmann, K.; Gutzmer, J.; Schubert, H.; Peuker, U. A.

Investigating the removal of particles from the air/water-interface – Modelling detachment forces using an energetic approach
Knüpfer, P.; Fritzsche, J.; Leistner, T.; Rudolph, M.; Peuker, U. A.

Thermodynamics Behavior of Germanium During Equilibrium Reactions between FeOx-CaO-SiO2-MgO Slag and Molten Copper
Reuter, M. A.; Shuva, M. A. H.; Rhamdhani, M. A.; Brooks, G. A.; Masood, S.

The South Um Mongul Cu-Mo-Au prospect in the Eastern Desert of Egypt: From a mid-Cryogenian continental arc to Ediacaran post-collisional appinite-high Ba-Sr monzogranite
Abd El-Rahman, Y.; Gutzmer, J.; Said, A.; Hofmann, M.; Gärtner, M.; Linnemann, U.

An Evaluation of Hydroxamate Collectors for Malachite Flotation
Marion, C.; Jordens, A.; Li, R.; Rudolph, M.; Waters, K. E.

Thermodynamics data of valuable elements relevant to e-waste processing through primary and secondary copper production: a review
Shuva, M. A. H.; Rhamdhani, M. A.; Brooks, G. A.; Masood, S.; Reuter, M. A.

Specific Surface Free Energy Component Distributions and Flotabilities of Mineral Microparticles in Flotation – An Inverse Gas Chromatography Study
Rudolph, M.; Hartmann, R.

Leaching of Rare Earth Elements from fluorescent powder using the tea fungus Kombucha
Hopfe, S.; Flemming, K.; Lehmann, F.; Möckel, R.; Kutschke, S.; Pollmann, K.

Identification of lanthanum-specific peptides for future recycling of rare earth elements from compact fluorescent lamps
Lederer, F. L.; Curtis, S. B.; Bachmann, S.; Dunbar, S. W.; Macgillivray, R. T.

A study of the reprocessing of fine and ultrafine cassiterite from gravity tailing residues by using various flotation techniques
Leistner, T.; Embrechts, M.; Leissner, T.; Chehreh Chelgani, S.; Osbahr, I.; Möckel, R.; Peuker, U. A.; Rudolph, M.

Strategic evaluations and mining process optimization towards a strong global ree supply chain
Barakos, G.; Gutzmer, J.; Mischo, H.

New insights into the petrogenesis of the Jameson Range layered intrusion and associated Fe-Ti-P-V-PGE-Au mineralisation, West Musgrave Province, Western Australia
Karykowski, B. T.; Polito, P. A.; Maier, W. D.; Gutzmer, J.; Krause, J.

Investigation of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans in pure and mixed-species culture for bioleaching of Theisen sludge from former copper smelting
Klink, C.; Eisen, S.; Daus, B.; Heim, J.; Schlömann, M.; Schopf, S.

Remote sensing exploration of Nb-Ta-LREE-enriched carbonatite (Epembe/Namibia)
Zimmermann, R.; Brandmeier, M.; Andreani, L.; Mhopjeni, K.; Gloaguen, R.

Remote Sensing-Based Exploration of Structurally-Related Mineralizations around Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia
Jakob, S.; Gloaguen, R.; Laukamp, C.

Novel Biotechnological Approaches for the Recovery of Metals from Primary and Secondary Resources
Pollmann, K.; Kutschke, S.; Matys, M.; Kostudis, S.; Hopfe, S.; Raff, J.

Late Quaternary paleoenvironmental records from the Chatanika River valley near Fairbanks (Alaska)
Schirrmeister, L.; Meyer, H.; Andreev, A.; Wetterich, S.; Kienast, F.; Bobrove, A.; Fuchs, M.; Sierralta, M.; Herzschuh, U.

The single component geochemical map: Fact or fiction?
Mckinley, J. M.; Hron, K.; Grunsky, E. C.; Reimann, C.; de Caritat, P.; Filzmoser, P.; van den Boogaart, K. G.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.

Use of multiple age tracers to estimate groundwater residence times and long-term recharge rates in arid southern Oman
Müller, T.; Osenbrueck, K.; Strauch, G.; Pavetich, S.; Al-Mashikhi, K.-S.; Herb, C.; Merchel, S.; Rugel, G.; Aeschbach, W.; Sanford, W.

The abanico plot: Visualising chronometric data with individual standard errors
Dietze, M.; Kreutzer, S.; Burow, C.; Fuchs, M.; Fischer, M.; Schmidt, C.

Characterization of three different unusual S-layer proteins from Viridibacillus arvi JG-B58 that exhibits two super-imposed S-layer proteins
Suhr, M.; Lederer, F. L.; Guenther, T. J.; Raff, J.; Pollmann, K.

Alkyl aminated nanocelluloses in selective flotation of aluminium oxide and quartz
Laitinen, O.; Hartmann, R.; Sirviö, J. A.; Liimatainen, H.; Rudolph, M.; Ämmälä, A.; Illikainen, M.

A record of paleofluid circulation in faults revealed by hematite (U-Th)/He and apatite fission-track dating: an example from Gower Peninsula fault fissures, Wales
Ault, A. K.; Frenzel, M.; Reiners, P. W.; Woodock, N. H.; Thomson, S. N.

Calculation of the rockwall recession rate of a limestone cliff, affected by rockfalls, using cosmogenic chlorine-36. Case study of the Montsec Range (Eastern Pyrenees, Spain)
Domènech, G.; Corominas, J.; Mavrouli, O.; Merchel, S.; Abellán, A.; Pavetich, S.; Rugel, G.

An affine equivariant multivariate normal score transform for compositional data
van den Boogaart, K. G.; Mueller, U.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.

Discrimination, correlation and provenance of Bed I tephrostratigraphic markers, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, based on multivariate analyses of phenocryst compositions
Habermann, J. M.; Mchenry, L. J.; Stollhofen, H.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.; Stanistreet, I. G.; Deino, A. L.

Late Pleistocene outburst floods from Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan?
Rosenwinkel, S.; Landgraf, A.; Korup, O.; Schwanghart, W.; Volkmer, F.; Dzhumabaeva, A.; Merchel, S.; Rugel, G.; Preusser, F.
  • Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 42(2017), 1535-1548
    DOI: 10.1002/esp.4109

Origin of Cu-Ni-PGE mineralization at the Manchego Prospect, West Musgrave Province, Western Australia
Karykowski, B. T.; Polito, P. A.; Maier, W. D.; Gutzmer, J.

Time-Resolved Two Million Year Old Supernova Activity Discovered in the Earth’s Microfossil Record
Ludwig, P.; Bishop, S.; Egli, R.; Chernenko, V.; Deneva, B.; Faestermann, T.; Famulok, N.; Fimiani, L.; Gómez-Guzmán, J.; Hain, K.; Korschinek, G.; Hanzlik, M.; Merchel, S.; Rugel, G.
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113(2016)33, 9232-9237
    DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1601040113

Exploring ice core drilling chips from a cold Alpine glacier for cosmogenic radionuclide (10Be) analysis
Zipf, L.; Merchel, S.; Bohleber, P.; Rugel, G.; Scharf, A.

Origin and geochemistry of agates in Permian volcanic rocks of the Sub-Erzgebirge basin, Saxony (Germany)
Götze, J.; Möckel, R.; Vennemann, T.; Müller, A.

A systemic approach to the problems of the rare earth market
Klossek, P.; Kullik, J.; van den Boogaart, K. G.

Gemeinsames Recycling von Flachbildschirmen und Bleigläsern
Wolf, R.; Stelter, M.

Exploring the joint compositional variability of major components and trace elements in the TELLUS soil geochemistry campaign (Northern Ireland)
Tolosana-Delgado, R.; Mckinley, J.; van den Boogaart, K. G.

Sensitivity analysis and implications for surface processes from a hydrological modelling approach in the Gunt catchment, high Pamir Mountains
Pohl, E.; Knoche, M.; Gloaguen, R.; Andermann, C.; Krause, P.

MLA-based partition curves for magnetic separation
Leißner, T.; Bachmann, K.; Gutzmer, J.; Peuker, Urs A.

Analysis Methods of Magnesium Chips
Ohmann, S.; Ditze, A.; Scharf, C.

Speciation Studies of Metals in Trace Concentrations: The Mononuclear Uranyl(VI) Hydroxo Complexes
Drobot, B.; Bauer, A.; Steudtner, R.; Tsushima, S.; Bok, F.; Patzschke, M.; Raff, J.; Brendler, V.

Remote Sensing-Based Assessment of the Variability of Winter and Summer Precipitation in the Pamirs and Their Effects on Hydrology and Hazards Using Harmonic Time Series Analysis
Pohl, E.; Gloaguen, R.; Seiler, R.

Tomography of the ionospheric electron density with geostatistical inversion
Minkwitz, D.; van den Boogaart, K. G.; Gerzen, T.; Hoque, M.

Formation of Mississippi Valley-type deposits linked to hydrocarbon generation in extensional tectonic settings: Evidence from the Jabali Zn-Pb-(Ag) deposit (Yemen)
Ostendorf, J.; Henjes-Kunst, F.; Mondillo, N.; Boni, M.; Schneider, J.; Gutzmer, J.

Setting the REE Industry-Specific Criteria and their Significant Role in the Viability of Rare Earth Underground Mining Projects - Festlegung der für die SEE-Industrie spezifischen Kriterien und ihre bedeutende Rolle bei der Durchführbarkeit von Tiefbauprojekten für seltene Erden
Barakos, G.; Mischo, H.
  • Open Access LogoMining Report 151(2015)4, 5

Recycling of black dross containing rare earths originating from melting and recycling of magnesium alloys
Scharf, C.; Ditze, A.

A new Particle-Induced X-ray Emission set-up for laterally resolved analysis over wide areas
Hanf, D.; Buchriegler, J.; Merchel, S.; Munnik, F.; Renno, A.; Ziegenrücker, R.; Scharf, O.; Nowak, S. H.; von Borany, J.

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