Ion Technology

The division is dealing with operation and development of the ion implanters and plasma based immersion ion implantation (PBIII) equipment.

Current fields of activities:

  • Operation of end stations and wafer handling systems at the electrostatic accelerators for high energy implantation and surface modification
  • Access to a combined beam line system including the 3 MV accelerator and the 500 kV implanter for double implantation and in-situ experiments
  • Computer supported accelerator operation
  • Developments to extend the range of accelerated ions and to improve the life time of ion sources
  • Further development and extension of the  experimental  stations of the 500kV, 200kV, and 40kV ion implanters for research and service
  • Operation and upgrading of plasma immersion ion implantation equipment
  • Research and development of functional coatings by plasma and ion assisted processes
  • Coordination and management of user access

Video IonenimplantationThe department is dealing with projects and service for basic and application oriented investigations on the modification of surface sensitive properties, especially toughness, wear and friction, fatigue, adhesion, corrosion, transparent conductive oxides and biocompatibility by ion beam technologies (ion implantation, ion beam mixing and ion assisted deposition). Additional services of ion implantation  can be offered.


Dr. Johannes von Borany

Ion Beam Center
Phone: +49 351 260 3378