Description for access via the wireless network at the HZDR

Communication and Data Network

Tasks of this group are:

  • Operation of the wired and wireless data networks at the different sites of the HZDR
  • Adress and name management, integration of network devices
  • Improvement and optimization of the data and communication networks
  • Telephone and Video Communication
  • Managing of the DFG science net - the internet Interface
  • Assuring the network security
  • Provision of internet domains
Netzschrank im Gebäude 13c

Information and Regulations:

The following request are to be mailed only by the responsible DR-administrator (registration necessarily). (With question with respect to registration please ask N. Schmeißer)

Contact persons:

Planning, IP-Managment, DNS, IT-Security Dr. Siegmar Lieber Tel.: 3318
Network installation, Managment Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Eisold
Dipl.-Ing. Iven Hostein

Tel.: 3340
Tel.: 2661

Network installation, Net-Hardware, WLAN Torsten Hantzsche Tel.: 3330
Entrance to the X-WiN, Routing, VPN Dr. Siegmar Lieber Tel.: 3318
telephone and Video Communication Olaf Schlettig Tel.: 3340


Iven Holstein
Phone: +49 351 260 2661


Wireless LAN