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Sharul, H.; Vahid, J.-N.; Nikolaos, K. K.; Da Assuncao Godinho, J. R.; Nghia, T. V.; Senyou, A. and others

Direct Characterisation of Solute Transport inUnsaturated Porous Media using 4D X-raySynchrotron Microtomography

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117(2020)38, 23443-2344

Chaudhari, T.; Mallampudi, N.; Bansal, D.; Mohapatra, D.; Tandon, V.

Protecting-Group-Directed Diastereo- and Enantioselective Approach to Substituted Chiral Tetrahydropyrroloquinolines.

European Jounal of Organic Chemistry 18(2020), 2771-2780

Mandal, K.; Bansal, D.; Kumar, Y.; Khan, R.; Shukla, J.; Mukhopadhyay, P.

Halogen Bonded Assemblies of Arylene-imides and -diimides: Insight from Electronic, Structural and Computational studies

Chemistry - A European Journal 26(2020)46, 10607-10619

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Myint, P.; Erb, D.; Zhang, X.; Wiegart, L.; Zhang, Y.; Fluerasu, A. and others

Measurement of Ehrlich-Schwoebel barrier contribution to the self-organized formation of ordered surface patterns on Ge(001)

Physical Review B 102(2020), 201404(R)

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Vallinayagam, M.; Posselt, M.; Chandra, S.

Electronic structure and thermoelectric properties of Mo-based dichalcogenide monolayers locally modified by substitutional atoms

RSC Advances 10(2020), 43035-43044

Tin, P.; Stavretis, S. E.; Ozerov, M.; Krzystek, J.; Ponomaryov, O.; Zvyagin, S. and others

Advanced Magnetic Resonance Studies of Tetraphenylporphyrinatoiron(III) Halides

Applied Magnetic Resonance 51(2020), 1411-1432

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Krauter, N.; Eckert, S.; Gundrum, T.; Stefani, F.; Wondrak, T.; Khalilov, R. and others

Experimental validation of an inductive system for magnesium level detection in a titanium reduction reactor

Sensors 20(2020), 6798

Hruška, P.; Lukáč, F.; Cichoň, S.; Vondráček, M.; Čížek, J.; Fekete, L. and others

Oxidation of amorphous HfNbTaTiZr high entropy alloy thin films prepared by DC magnetron sputtering

Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2020)

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Ciano, C.; Persichetti, L.; Montanari, M.; Di Gaspare, L.; Capellini, G.; Baldassarre, L. and others

Electron-phonon coupling in n-type Ge two-dimensional systems

Physical Review B 102(2020), 205302

Sprinzl, D.; Krysl, V.; Mikolas, P.; Zavorka, J.; Timr, J.; Bilodid, Y. and others

"Full-Core" VVER-1000 calculation benchmark

Kerntechnik 85(2020)4, 231-244

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