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Summer Student Program 2021 at HZDR

Welcome to our research center in „Florence on the Elbe“

Each summer the HZDR offers the possibility to join one of the research groups of our center and participate in investigation activities within a project. This offer applies to international advanced undergraduate and master students in natural sciences and related areas.

Our researchers design a project plan for you and supervise and coach you during the whole project. The program is completed by a selected range of lectures and lab tours, which introduce you to the different branches of our research center.

With this program we contribute to the development of scientific research at an international and interdisciplinary level. We are convinced of the synergetic effect of integrative knowledge.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic we had to change the Summer Student Program 2020 into an internship program. Therefore, the students can come to HZDR until end of June 2021 to the conditions of the Summer Student Program this time. In case the situation does not change in summer 2021, it could be, that we have to change the Summer Student Program in 2021 into an internship program as well. We will inform all participants with the notification of acceptance.

Application and who is eligible?

We are inviting students from all over the world. If you want to know, if you are eligible for the program, please check the list on Application.

Deadline for applications:    

Students have to apply before February 28st 2021.

Notification of acceptance:  

We will send a statement to the applicants until 23. April 2021.

When exactly in 2021?

We are glad to welcome you in our research center from July until September 2021.
The exact length of your project will be defined by your supervisor together with you, once you are accepted.
In case that we have to change the program into an internship program as in 2020, the participants can come to HZDR until end of June 2022.

Further details and contact:

HZDR summer students will receive free accommodation as well as a stipend to cover additional costs.

You can find more information here and in further pages of this site. You can also contact us under

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Yvonne Matthes

International Office
Tel.: +49 351 260 2821

Dr. Stephan Kraft

Tel.: +49 351 260 2613