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The technology platform of the research alliance DRESDEN-concept.

Recent publications in refereed journals

Wagner, M.; Reinicke, S.; Kratzsch, A.; Hampel, U.

An analysis for detecting potential relocation of the inventory of dry storage containers during prolonged interim storage via changes in the wall temperature fields

Nuclear Engineering and Design 366(2020), 110749

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Pylypovskyi, O.; Kravchuk, V. P.; Volkov, O.; Faßbender, J.; Sheka, D.; Makarov, D.

Unidirectional tilt of domain walls in equilibrium in biaxial stripes with Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction

Applied Physics Letters 53(2020)39, 395003

Liu, J.; Zhou, Y.; She, J.; Tsang, D. C. W.; Lippold, H.; Wang, J. and others

Quantitative isotopic fingerprinting of thallium associated with potentially toxic elements (PTEs) in fluvial sediment cores with multiple anthropogenic sources

Environmental Pollution 266(2020), 115252

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Sheka, D. D.; Pylypovskyi, O.; Landeros, P.; Gaididei, Y.; Kakay, A.; Makarov, D.

Nonlocal chiral symmetry breaking in curvilinear magnetic shells

Communications Physics 3(2020)1, 128

Redondo-Cubero, A.; Palomares, F. J.; Hübner, R.; Gago, R.; Vázquez, L.

Highly ordered silicide ripple patterns induced by medium-energy ion irradiation

Physical Review B 102(2020), 075423

Diaz Pescador, E.; Grahn, A.; Kliem, S.; Schäfer, F.; Höhne, T.

Advanced modelling of complex boron dilution transients in PWRs – Part I: Validation of ATHLET 3D-Module against the experiment ROCOM E2.3

Nuclear Engineering and Design 367(2020), 110776

Qarra, H. H.; Knowles, K. M.; Vickers, M. E.; Zapata-Solvas, E.; Akhmadaliev, S.

Heavy ion irradiation damage in Zr3(Al0.9Si0.1)C2 MAX phase

Journal of Nuclear Materials 540(2020), 152360

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Feldmann, A.; Hoffmann, A.; Bergmann, R.; Koristka, S.; Berndt, N.; Arndt, C. and others

Versatile chimeric antigen receptor platform for controllable and combinatorial T cell therapy

OncoImmunology 9(2020)1, 1785608

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Adamczewski-Musch, J.; Arnold, O.; Atomssa, E. T.; Behnke, C.; Belounnas, A.; Belyaev, A. and others

Two-Pion production in the second resonance region in π−p collisions with HADES

Physical Review C 102(2020), 024001

Kritcher, A. L.; Swift, D.; Doppner, T.; Nilsen, J.; Bachmann, B.; Benedict, L. and others

A measurement of the equation of state of carbon envelopes of white dwarfs

Nature 584(2020), 51-54

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