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HZDR Research Talks | 28.4.21 | 13 Uhr
Dr. Toni Helm
"Slice them right - Experiments on FIB-patterned quantum materials under challenging conditions"

Career Lunch Talk | 29.4.21 | 12 - 12.45 Uhr
Dipjyoti Deb
Einblicke in Karrierewege während der Mittagspause

HZDR Research Talks | 19.5.21 | 13 Uhr
Dr. Sascha Heitkam
"Radiographic methods for foam and froth flow"

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Recent publications in refereed journals

Werner, Z.; Barlak, M.; Ratajczak, R.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Heller, R.; Staszkiewicz, B. and others

Post-implantation defects in heavy ion implanted monocrystalline ZnO

Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids (2021)

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Reissig, F.; Bauer, D.; Zarschler, K.; Novy, Z.; Bendova, K.; Kopka, K. and others

Towards Targeted Alpha Therapy with Actinium 225: Chelators for Mild Condition Radiolabeling and Targeting PSMA – a Proof of Concept Study

Cancers 13(2021)8, 1974

Schultheiß, K.; Sato, N.; Matthies, P.; Körber, L.; Wagner, K.; Hula, T. and others

Time refraction of spin waves

Physical Review Letters 126(2021), 137201

Werbrouck, A.; Mattelaer, F.; Minjauw, M.; Nisula, M.; Julin, J. A.; Munnik, F. and others

Reaction Pathways for Atomic Layer Deposition with Lithium Hexamethyl Disilazide, Trimethyl Phosphate, and Oxygen Plasma

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124(2020), 27829-27839

Heller, A.; Pisarevskaja, A.; Bölicke, N.; Barkleit, A.; Bok, F.; Wober, J.

The effect of four lanthanides onto a rat kidney cell line (NRK-52E) is dependent on the composition of the cell culture medium

Toxicology 456(2021), 152771

Neugebauer, N.; Hache, T.; Elm, M. T.; Hofmann, D. M.; Heiliger, C.; Schultheiß, H. and others

Frequency- and magnetic-field-dependent properties of ordered magnetic nanoparticle arrangements

Physical Review B 103(2021), 094438

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Urlaß, S.; Junghans, A.; Mingrone, F.; Peronnard, P.; Stach, D.; Tassan-Got, L. and others

Gating of charge sensitive preamplifiers for the use at pulsed radiation sources.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1002(2021), 165297

Yang, J.; Hübner, R.; Zhang, J.; Wan, H.; Zheng, Y.; Wang, H. and others

A Robust PtNi Nanoframe/N-Doped Graphene Aerogel Electrocatalyst with Both High Activity and Stability

Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 60(2021), 9590-9597

Saha, S.; Zhou, J.; Hofhuis, K.; Kakay, A.; Scagnoli, V.; Heyderman, L. J. and others

Spin-wave dynamics and symmetry breaking in an artificial spin ice

ACS Nano 21(2021), 2382-2389

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Vogt, T.; Yang, J.; Schindler, F.; Eckert, S.

Free-fall velocities and heat transport enhancement in liquid metal magneto-convection

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 915(2021)A68

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