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Messe Dresden
January 24-26

Freiberger Kolloquium, terra mineralia
Feb. 27, 7.30 p.m.
Natürliche Radioaktivität - und wie der Mensch damit umgeht

Technical University Dresden Hörsaalzentrum
15 - 20 March 2020
DPG Spring Meeting

The technology platform of the research alliance DRESDEN-concept.

Recent publications in refereed journals

Stoyan, D.; Hermann, H.; Elsner, A.

Simple Formulas for Porosity and Specific Surface of the Cherry-Pit Model

Journal of Porous Media 22(2019)4, 387-394

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Heincke, B.; Jackisch, R.; Saartenoja, A.; Salmirinne, H.; Rapp, S.; Zimmermann, R. and others

Developing multi-sensor drones for geological mapping and mineral exploration: setup and first results from the MULSEDRO project

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 43(2019), e2019430302

Kainz, C.; Schalk, N.; Tkadletz, M.; Saringer, C.; Winkler, M.; Stark, A. and others

Thermo-physical properties of coatings in the Ti(B,N) system grown by chemical vapor deposition

Surface & Coatings Technology 384(2020), 125318

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Babel, B.; Rudolph, M.

Fast preparation and recycling method for colloidal probe cantilevers in hydrophobic mapping applications

MethodsX 6(2019), 651-659

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Koirala, B.; Khodadadzadeh, M.; Contreras Acosta, I. C.; Zahiri, Z.; Gloaguen, R.; Scheunders, P.

A Supervised Method for Nonlinear Hyperspectral Unmixing

Remote Sensing 11(2019)20, 2458

Xu, S.; Li, J.; Khodadadzadeh, M.; Marinoni, A.; Gamba, P.; Li, B.

Abundance-Indicated Subspace for Hyperspectral Classification With Limited Training Samples

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 12(2019)4, 1265-1278

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Blasetti, C.; Andrian, I.; Billè, F.; Coghetto, E.; Deiuri, S.; Favretto, D. and others

Wayforlight: The Catalogue of European Light Sources

Synchrotron Radiation News 32(2019)2, 35

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Roode-Gutzmer, Q. I.; Holderied, L. N.; Glasneck, F.; Kersting, B.; Fröhlich, P.; Bertau, M.

Scaling up the Synthesis of a Hydroxyquinoline-Functionalized p‑tert-Butylcalix[4]arene.

Organic Process Research & Development 23(2019), 2425-2438

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Roode-Gutzmer, Q. I.; Kaiser, D.; Bertau, M.

Renewable Methanol Synthesis

ChemBioEng Reviews 6(2019)6, 209-236

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Hott, M.; Hoeher, P. A.; Reinecke, S. F.

Magnetic Communication Using High-Sensitivity Magnetic Field Detectors

Sensors 19(2019)15, 3415

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