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Thiele, S. T.; Cruden, A. R.; Micklethwaite, S.; Köpping, J.; Bunger, A. P.

Dyke apertures record stress accumulation during sustained volcanism

Scientific Reports 10(2020), 17335

Wilhelmy, J.; Müscher, M.; Rusev, G.; Schwengner, R.; Beyer, R.; Bhike, M. and others

The dipole response of 87Rb and its impact on the 86Rb(n,γ)87Rb cross section

Physical Review C 102(2020), 044327

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Makarevich, K.; Beyer, R.; Henniger, J.; Ma, Y.; Polter, S.; Sommer, M. and others

Dosimetry with the ability to distinguish pulsed and non-pulsed dose contributions

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 190(2020)4, 437-445

Erb, D.; Schultz, R.; Ilinov, A.; Nordlund, K.; Bradley, M. R.; Facsko, S.

Nanopatterning of the (001) surface of crystalline Ge by ion irradiation at off-normal incidence: Experiment and simulation.

Physical Review B 102(2020), 165422

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Fridman, E.; Álvarez-Velarde, F.; Romojaro-Otero, P.; Tsige-Tamirat, H.; Jiménez-Carrascosa, A.; García-Herranz, N. and others

Neutronic analysis of the European Sodium Fast Reactor: Part I - fresh core results

Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science (2020)

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Booysen, R.; Jackisch, R.; Lorenz, S.; Zimmermann, R.; Kirsch, M.; Nex, P. A. M. and others

Detection of REEs with lightweight UAV-based hyperspectral imaging.

Scientific Reports 10(2020)1, 17450

Pereira, L.; Frenzel, M.; Khodadadzadeh, M.; Tolosana Delgado, R.; Gutzmer, J.

A self-adaptive particle-tracking methodology for minerals processing

Journal of Cleaner Production 279(2021), 123711

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Leger, S.; Zwanenburg, A.; Leger, K.; Lohaus, F.; Linge, A.; Schreiber, A. and others

Compehensive analysis of tumour sub-volumes for radiomic risk modelling in locally advanced HNSCC

Cancers 12(2020)10, 3047

Hu, L.; Xu, M.; Li, X.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Dong, H. and others

Performance investigation of bulk photoconductive semiconductor switch based on reversely biased p+in+ structure

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 67(2020)11, 4963-4969

Lorenz, S.; Ghamisi, P.; Kirsch, M.; Jackisch, R.; Rasti, B.; Gloaguen, R.

Feature extraction for hyperspectral mineral domain mapping: A test of conventional and innovative methods

Remote Sensing of Environment 252(2021), 112129

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