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HZDR | Konferenzebene
March 20, 2020
ABGESAGT: Lehrerfortbildung 2020: Klima und Energie – Was können For­schung und Technik leisten?

HZDR Campus - Internal Event
March 31, 2020
CANCELED: Farewell of the Scientific Director, Prof. Roland Sauerbrey

The technology platform of the research alliance DRESDEN-concept.

Recent publications in refereed journals

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Du, R.; Jin, W.; Hübner, R.; Zhou, L.; Hu, Y.; Eychmüller, A.

Engineering Multimetallic Aerogels for pH-Universal HER and ORR Electrocatalysis

Advanced Energy Materials 10(2020), 1903857

Cubillos-Mesías, M.; Troost, E. G. C.; Lohaus, F.; Agolli, L.; Rehm, M.; Richter, C. and others

Including anatomical variations in robust optimization for head and neck proton therapy can reduce the need of adaptation

Radiotherapy and Oncology 144(2020), 231

Obied, L. H.; Roorda, S.; Prucnal, S.; Zhou, S.; Crandles, D. A.

An Infrared Transmission Study of Ge:Mn Thick Films Prepared by Ion Implantation and Post-Annealing

Journal of Applied Physics 127(2020), 103902

Yuan, Y.; Liu, Y.; Xu, C.; Kang, J.; Wang, W.; Wang, Q. and others

3D-Ising critical behavior in antiperovskite-type ferromagneticlike Mn3GaN

Journal of Applied Physics 127(2020), 073903

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Wang, B.; Zhang, D.; Wang, H.; Zhao, H.; Liu, R.; Li, Q. and others

Enhanced room temperature ferromagnetism in MoS2 by N plasma treatment

AIP Advances 10(2020), 015243

Kamantsev, A. P.; Amirov, A. A.; Koshkid'Ko, Y. S.; Salazar Mejia, C.; Mashirov, A. V.; Aliev, A. M. and others

Magnetocaloric Effect in Alloy Fe49Rh51in Pulsed Magnetic Fields up to 50 T

Physics of The Solid State 62(2020)1, 160-163

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Leinders, G.; Bes, R.; Kvashnina, K.; Verwerft, M.

Local Structure in U(IV) and U(V) Environments: The Case of U3O7

Inorganic Chemistry (2020)

Kowalski, P. M.; Lange, S.; Deissmann, G.; Sun, M.; Kvashnina, K.; Baker, R. and others

Modeling of Nuclear Waste Forms: State-of-the-Art and Perspectives

MRS Advances 5(2020), 213-222

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Horstmann, G. M.; Herreman, W.; Weier, T.

Linear damped interfacial wave theory for an orbitally shaken upright circular cylinder

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 891(2020), A22

Gorbunov, D.; Ishii, I.; Kurata, Y.; Andreev, A. V.; Suzuki, T.; Zherlitsyn, S. and others

Crystal-field effects in Er3RuAl12with a distorted kagome lattice

Physical Review B 101(2020), 094415

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