Dr. Barbara Schramm

EU-Liason Officer
Head of Department
Research Programmes & International Projects
Phone: +49 351 260 2684

Templates for requesting the approval of  a proposal preparation for a third-party funded project

How to request the opinion of the Board of Directors

  • Always contact first the responsible staff member of FSPP (Birgit Gross, Carola Franzen or Barbara Schramm)  or Barbara Schramm, if you don't know who is the right person, to discuss your project.
  • Select the template applying to the selected funding instrument, complete it and ask your institute director(s) for their consent to prepare a corresponding proposal, to be evidenced by their signature.
  • Send the signed form to your partner from FSPP who will present your request to the board of directors.
  • As soon as a decision on your request has been taken, your FSPP partner will send you a scanned copy of the request form indicating the result.
  • Never hesitate to contact your FSPP partner if you have any questions