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Press Release of 05.12.2019

Fusion by strong lasers

Nuclear physics usually involves high energies, as illustrated by experiments to master controlled nuclear fusion. One of the problems is how to overcome the strong electrical repulsion between atomic nuclei which requires high energies to make them fuse. But fusion could be …


News of 29.11.2019

Spin-off project TheiaX receives support from the funding program "Helmholtz Enterprise"

Efficient raw material exploration from a bird's-eye view using innovative sensors: The spin-off project TheiaX receives support from the Helmholtz-Enterprise Program and could be the second successful spin-off of our Helmholtz Institute Freiberg …


News of 18.11.2019

Institutsdirektor Jens Gutzmer zum neuen acatech-Mitglied gewählt

Dr. Jens Gutzmer (PhD ZA), Gründungsdirektor des Helmholtz-Institut Freiberg für Ressourcentechnologie (HIF), wurde Anfang November 2019 von der Mitgliederversammlung der acatech als neues Mitglied gewählt.



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Cancer Research in Dresden

Interdisciplinary research is essential to make progress in the fight against cancer. A close cooperation therefore connects the HZDR with the University Hospital and the Technische Universität Dresden at the jointly operated OncoRay Center. Together with the DKFZ in Heidelberg, the three institutions are expanding Dresden to a partner site of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT).More

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