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HZDR-Innovation-Competition 2018

In the early stages of development, technologies are able to demonstrate their market potential. Therefore, the HZDR calls its scientific employees to the HZDR innovation competition.

The HZDR Innovation Contest serves the identification and assessment of HZDR technologies and knowledge generated in the context of the research of the HZDR for their suitability as usable products or services (both technology transfer in business as well as transfer of knowledge in society). To this end, the focus will primarily be on the use of innovation for a product / service and the presentation of the product / service, efficiency, adaptation to real customer needs and performance advantages in comparison to competing solutions.

The information event takes place on Wednesday, June 20, at 2:00 pm in Building 114, Room 202. All HZDR employees are invited to attend.

The benefits for the participants:

  • Award ceremony with a public presentation of the award winners as well as personal prizes for the best teams of the ideas contest, graded according to placements (1.5 T €, 1 T €, 0.5 T €).
  • (Co-) financing for the further development of the ideas from the HZDR innovation fund (to be determined individually and depending on demand)
  • Individual qualification of participants, technologies and knowledge to assess their suitability as a product / service (certificate).

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    1. Participants

      Participants are scientists and technicians / laboratory staff of the HZDR, in particular the doctoral students, post-doctoral candidates and young working group leaders, who are interested in research and development. In addition to participants with concrete ideas, employees with a general interest in a greater competence in the exploitation management should also be able to participate, which will be integrated as far as possible into the emerging innovation teams. In the selection of the participants, emphasis is placed on a diversity in terms of professional background and work experience. The participants apply on the basis of the provided template.

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  1. Assessment Criteria:
    Assessment criteria for the preselection and subsequent awarding of the ideas are:

    a.) Proof of provided proof of principle, Existence of promising research results or of the critical knowledge or infrastructure; The way in which the results have been achieved (for example, naming precursor funding project) and what can already be shown at this stage

    b.) Clear description of the product or service idea

    c.) Requirements and customer use, existing market interest (if applicable, LoI's)

    d.) Application fields and market potential

    e.) Competition (especially substitutes)

    f.) Protection (own patents and freedom to operate)

    g.) Description of further steps required to achieve marketability

  2. Process

    The idea contest is divided into the following phases:

    1. Call for proposals accompanied by an information workshop (August, 24)

    2. Preselection of ideas by jury based on submissions

    3. Submitters of preselected ideas get the opportunity to participate in workshops to develop their ideas and exploitation planning (1 day) with the support of external experts (September, 11)

    4. Presentation of further developed ideas based on predefined templates, evaluation by jury; Awarding (at the end of the workshop day)

    5. Individual project planning with the innovation teams, further support and financing of the validation

    At the core of the competition is a workshop consisting of one-day events, in which scientists with further researchers interested in exploitation aspects and with the support of external mentors create a utilization planning for their ideas. For this, the focus is not exclusively on the later exploitation path of a spin-off, but also includes the transfers of a technology to existing companies (license, sale, order R & D) or other forms of transfer of knowledge into society.

    The workshop day covers the following aspects:

    1. A training component, in which the participants are given the 1 * 1 of the exploitation planning (approx. 1.5 h) by means of experienced mentors - also applicable for a variety of other R & D project applications to the EU, the federal government, the state.

    2. Team formation (mentors, other interested scientists, mentors, student assistants, approx. 0.5 h); Mentors are selected according to their ability to pass, and consist of the innovation managers of the HZDR as well as the partners engage, Dresden Exists, Ascenion and High Tech-Startbahn, GWT and Paul Consultants etc.

    3. Elaboration of exploitation planning in the form of a final presentation (according to a template); approx. 4.5 h)

    a) Content: Describe the needs, the product / service, the benefits and the individual characteristics, the fields of application, the market, the competition, possible transfer channels and ways of further validation (work packages, time, resources)

    b) Presentation: a short presentation of the utilization plans (approx. 15 min. per idea) of all the ideas worked out

    c) Evaluation: by a jury and a subsequent award is presented

    d) Jury and mentor team is composed of experienced transfer specialists from the HZDR and from partner institutions (HZDR innovation managers as well as the partners HZDR Innovation, engage, Dresden Exists, Ascenion and High Tech-Startbahn, GWT and Paul Consultants)

    e) Mentors and jury members sign a non-disclosure agreement

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