Our research in laser-driven ion acceleration focuses on the interaction of a laser pulse with new targets. By changing the material, form and structure of the target as well as the way they interact with the laser pulse it is possible to control the properties of the resulting ion beam such as its maximum energy and its spectrum. Good control over these properties is important for future applications such as tumour therapy with laser-driven ion beams.

We model, simulate and visualise the dynamics of particles and radiation phenomena that are of interest when investigating the physics of laser particle acceleration and develop massively parallel computing schemes.

Lasers with petawatt peak power enable the development of advanced ultra-compact particle accelerators and light sources with applications ranging from cancer research to probing of ultrafast processes. Dedicated target areas are optimized for the investigation and application of relativistic laser-plasma processes by in-house and external researchers.
Head: Prof. Ulrich Schramm

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