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Can the recycling of mining waste become a new business?

27th April, 2021 | 12.30-13.30 pm CET

“Recycling mining waste, a new business?” (April 27, 2021) ©Copyright: NEMO –

“Recycling mining waste, a new business?” (April 27th, 2021), Foto: NEMO –

Can the recycling of mining waste become a new business? That is the main question to be addressed in the Lunch Event & Debate on April 27th, 2021. The event co-hosted by several EU funded remining projects aims to present novel solutions for the treatment of mining waste to stakeholders from industry, academia, government and civil society. The HIF is consortium partner in the European Training Network SULTAN as well as the Network of Infrastructure RE-ACTIVATE.


Christian Wimmer Senior Expert in the unit “Waste Management & Secondary Materials” at the European Commission, Directorate General for Environment. Mr Wimmer will address opportunities and challenges in the recovery of secondary raw materials from extractive waste based on his experience with the implementation of the Extractive Waste Directive and related Horizon2020 projects.
Dirk Musser Head of Business Unit at CRONIMET Mining Processing, will present the experience of Cronimet in the field of mining waste recycling. Different examples will be given, including the treatment of slag dumps in the US.
Anders Sand Holds a D.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering and is Docent in Mineral Processing. He has about 15 years’ experience in senior academic and corporate positions in the mining industry, with the main field of expertise in process technology. He will present experiences and opportunities at Boliden in terms of reprocessing historic tailings and extracting valuable by-products from waste streams.