Dr. Larysa Baraban

Head Life Science Nanomicrosystems
Phone: +49 351 260 3091


Multiplexed nanowire

Multiplexed nanowire-based field effect transistor for immunosensing

The ultimate aim is to develop the nanosensory microsystem for multiparametric modular monitoring of immunotherapeutic processes, possessing the self-regulation functions. We establish a new immuno-chip platform based on an array of field effect transistor devices for (a) time lapse measurements and (b) specific analysis of T cell / tumor cell interactions, i.e. via biomolecular sensing of the inverse concentration of the tumor binding domain or anti-inflammatory cytokines.

In this context we exemplarily analyse the interaction between antigens and antigen-targeting molecules as well as the interaction between peptides and peptide-binding domains.


Impedance nanocytometer

Impedance nanocytometer for label-free peripheral blood testing

The primary goal of the current research line is to explore the electrical properties of living cells in dynamic sensing and demonstrate a combination of the ultracompact detection element (around only 40µm2) with the machine learning concept to interpret the measured data. Nanoscopic gold nanowire electrodes, integrated into a microfluidic channel, act as nanocapacitors and measure in time domain the change of the amplitude and phase of the output voltage reflecting the electrical properties of living cells. In this respect we constructed an ultra-compact nanosized flow cytometer for real-time impedimetric detection and classification of subpopulations of living cells even in a label free manner.


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