Radiation Protection

The cooperation agreement no. 1 (ZAV Nr. 1) between HZDR and VKTA covers the structure and responsibility of all measures to guarantee radiation protection at the Rossendorf campus (FSR). Besides the duties based on the Radiation Protection Directive no. 1 (SSA 1) and to be pulled by the Radiation Protection Officers (SSB) in their radiation protection areas selected central functions are fulfilled by some special departments for the whole research center coordinated and monitored by the Radiation Protection Commissioner (SSBV) on behalf of the Radiation Protection Supervisor (SSV) of HZDR.

Detailled information about organization of radiation protection at FSR you can find here.
The Radiation Protection Engineers (SSI) and Professional experts on radiation protection (SFK) support the Radiation Protection Officers in the context of operative radiation protection at the following tasks:

  • Surveillance of the workplace
    • Checking for radioactive contaminations either by direct measurements with contamination monitors or by measuring wipe samples
    • Measurements of the radiation level (local dose rate) of beta, gamma, and neutron radiation
    • Monitoring the concentration of airborne radioactivity by sampling aerosols from filters or by measuring gas samples in special chambers
  • Legally demanded release of materials and rooms which are to be excluded from the scope of the Radiation Protection Ordinance
    • Historical investigation, identification and determination of the nuclide vector
    • Execution of measurements for the preparation of the decision act and for the decision act itselfs
    • Execution of the formal application for release
      The final certification of release is issued by the Clearance Officer at FSR.
  • Advising in every aspect of radiation protection
  • Compilation of documents licensing the handling of radioactive materials or operating devices for generating ionizing radiation
  • Compiling and updating internal radiation protection instructions as well as regulations
  • Delivering radiation protection instructions for employees in radiation protection areas, which are annually required by law
  • Coordination of the cleaning of radiation protection clothing used on the Rossendorf campus

Dose rate measurement in control area 1 in building 8a       Contamination measurements of tools with contamination monitor LB124 in the cyclotron building

Environmental monitoring


The radiation exposure on the Rossendorf campus due to the emissions of radioactive particles in the exhaust air of the research facilities contributes to artificial radioactivity. This radiation exposure averages 0.001 mSv/a in the surroundings of the campus. This value thus falls widely below the legally allowed limit of 0.3 mSv/a.


Individual monitoring


There is a term for people who - due to their job - deal with ionizing radiation: they are called "occupationally exposed to radiation". At HZDR, the radiation exposure of these people is permanently kept under surveillance.