MS SharePoint at the HZDR

Advantages of the use of SharePoint?

  • There is a common user interface for all applications of the project.
  • All members of the team can work on the same topic at the same time and communicate with each other.
  • Stored files can be managed with versions and self defined attributes.
  • The project runs on a server and can be accessed via internet from all over the world.
  • The team members can exchange information using wikis or blogs easily.
  • MS Office applications are seamlessly integrated in SharePoint.
  • The IT-Admins manage the SharePoint platform- the teams their own web sites.
  • Even non-HZDR persons can have a SharePoint Account and work within the Project.

SharePoint Projects of the HZDR

SharePoint projects of the HZDR can be found using the following web link:

Please be aware, that access rights are needed for each web site, the windows login is automatically used. access rights are managed by the project leaders.

Some examples for HZDR SharePoint projects are:

  • DRESDYN: Die Seiten der europäischen Plattform für Dynamoexperimente und thermohydraulische Studien mit flüssigem Natrium am HZDR
  • Dampfkondensation in einem geneigten Rohr
  • Doktorandenvertretung: Wiki-Seiten der Doktorandenvertretung am Standort
  • DeltaX: Die Seiten des Schülerlabors des HZDR
  • FLUKA Projekte im HZDR
  • Geobiotechnologie - Blog der Arbeitsgruppe Geobiotechnologie
  • Helmholtz Energie-Allianz - Projektkoordinations-Seite der Helmholtz Energie-Allianz
  • HIF: Seiten des Helmholtz Instituts Freiberg
  • HSQ : Zentrum für Hochleistungsstrahlenquellen - ELBE-Ausbau
  • INTRA r3: Integrations- und Transferprojekt INTRA r3 + für die BMBF-Fördermaßnahme r3 - Innovative Technologien für Ressourceneffizienz - Strategische Metalle und Mineralien
  • LIMTECH - Helmholtz Allianz - Liquid Metal Technologies
  • LOC IPAC 2014: Seite des Lenkungsausschusses für die IPAC-Konferenz 2014
  • NanoFaRo: NANO Fabrication Facility Rossendorf
  • Radiotracer:Projekt Radiotracer am Institut in Leipzig
  • Labview: Forum of the Labview user group of the HZDR
  • :