Department of Technology Transfer and Innovations

Contact persons in matters regarding:

Dr. Björn Wolf - Abteilungsleiter
© A. Forner/HZDR

Dr. Björn Wolf
Head of Technology Transfer
and Innovation

tel: +49 351 260-2615


  • Business networking
  • Financing of transfer projects
  • Management of the HZDR Innovation Fund
  • Support for spin-offs
  • Investment management
  • Negotiation of contract terms
  • Controlling and reporting

Contact persons for innovation management

Dr.Thuro Arnold - Innovationsmanager Ressourcenökologie
© J. Grämer/HZDR

Dr. Thuro Arnold
Innovation Manager Resource Ecology

tel: +49 351 260-2432


Uwe Pöpping - Innovationsmanager Fluiddynamik
© A. Forner/HZDR

Uwe Pöpping
Innovation Manager Fluid Dynamics

tel +49 351 260-2397


Dorit Teichmann - Innovationsmanagerin Life Science
© A. Forner/HZDR

Dorit Teichmann
Innovation Manager Life Science

tel: +49 351 260-2800


Stephan Krüger - Innovationsmanager physikalische Technologien/neue Materialien
© A. Forner/HZDR

Stephan Krüger
Innovation Manager
Physical Technologies / New Materials

tel: +49 351 260-2180


Stefanie Hartmann_Potrait
© S. Floss/HZDR

Stefanie Hartmann
Innovation Manager

tel: +49 351 260-2710

Christian Stewart Christesen - Innovationsmanager Ressourcentechnologie ©Copyright: Grämer, Jana

© A. Forner/HZDR

Christian Stewart Christesen
Innovations Manager
Resources Technologies

Tel.: +49 351 260 4402

  • Evaluation of inventions and technologies with regard to their application potential and usability
  • Development of systematic exploitation strategies for the commercial exploitation of research results
  • Business networking, customer acquisition and customer care
  • Support for the preparation of offers and transfer-related grant applications
  • Contract negotiations
  • Management of technology transfer projects
  • Support for spin-offs

Contact person for spin-offs

Sebastian Löbelt-Friedrich_1
© R. Gebler/dresden|exists

Sebastian Löbelt-Friedrich
Spin-Off Manager

tel: +49 351 463-31627


  • Support for spin-offs
  • Consultation with company founders and transfer project representatives of the HZDR, IFW and IPF

Contact person for technology marketing and alumni relations management

Caroline Obermeyer, FSTT
© A. Wirsing/HZDR

Caroline Obermeyer
Alumni Relations & Technology Marketing Manager

tel: +49 351 260-2062


  • Establishment and development of an alumni network at the HZDR
  • Event Management, e.g. regarding education for technology transfer managers
  • Technology marketing

More contact persons regarding technology transfer at the HZDR:


Dr. Björn Wolf
Head Technology Transfer & Legal Affairs
Head Technology Transfer and Innovation
Phone: +49 351 260 2615
Fax: +49 351 260 12615