Magnetohydrodynamics - research projects

  • Magnetische Selbsterregung (Dynamo Effekt)

    Numerical simulations and optimization of the velocity profiles as well as development of magnetic field sensors for the Riga dynamo experiment. In this experiment, magnetic field self-excitation in a liquid metal flow was shown for the first time experimentally in November 1999.

  • Flow Instabilities

    Magneto - Rotational - Instability (MRI), Tayler - Instability (TI)

  • Liquid Metal Model for Continuous Casting of steel (LIMMCAST)

  • Casting

    Elektromagnetic melt flow control

  • Crystal growth

    A contactless control of melt convection is important for many crystal growth technologies. Typically steady magnetic fields are used to damp such flows and, in particular, turbulent fluctuations. Active flow driving forces due to alternating magnetic fields can be of stabilizing character, too.

  • Solidification of metallic alloys controlled by magnetic fields

    The microstructure of a metallic alloy can be affected in a significant way due to the convection in the liquid phase during solidification. A time varying magnetic field can be applied to produce a flow field in the melt which influences the nucleation and growth processes. The aim of our research program is to find a strategy to refine the microstructure of castings by an optimal combination of magnetic field intensity, field frequency and cooling rate.

  • Electromagnetic driven rotating flows
  • Liquid Metal Two-Phase Flows

    - Investigation of the local properties of liquid metal two-phase flows (bubble generation, bubble dispersion, slip ratio, ...) - Possibilities to control the two-phase flow characteristics by means of external electromagnetic fields - Model experiments, measurements of quantities such as local void fraction, bubble velocity, chord length distribution of the bubbles, etc.

  • Measuring Techniques for Liquid Metals

    - Development and application of measuring techniques to determine liquid metal flow quantities - Fluid velocity: Mechano-optical Probe, Electrical Potential Probes, Ultrasonic Doppler Velocimetry - Two-phase flows: Resistivity Probes, Ultrasonic Techniques, X-ray Radiography

  • Liquid Metal Batteries
  • Magnetohydrodynamic methods in the electrochemistry
  • Electromagnetic boundary layer control in conducting fluid flows
  • Young Investigators Group on Measurement Techniques for Liquid Metal Flows

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