Dr. Jens Gutzmer
Director &
Head of the Analytics Department

Phone: +49 351 260 - 4400
Fax: +49 351 260 - 4440

Dr. Axel Renno
Department of Analytics
Phone: +49 351 260 - 3274

Department of Analytics - Staff

NameBld./Office+49 351 260EmailPosition/Tasks
Prof. Jens GutzmerF100/107, F100/1074400
j.gutzmerAthzdr.deDirector Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology
Head Analytics
Petya AtanasovaF100/209, F100/2094406
p.atanasovaAthzdr.deKIC EIT Raw Materials Project Coordinator - 2D3DScopy
Dr. Kai BachmannT06/0174426
k.bachmannAthzdr.deScientific Assistant (PhD Student) - PGMs in LGs and MGs in the Bushveld Igneous Complex
Dr. Sandra BirtelF100/104, F100/1044408
s.birtelAthzdr.deResearch Fellow and Coordinator
Oriana Blandón
Rosie Blanninr.blanninAthzdr.dePhD Student
Doreen EbertF100/207, F100/2074742
Dr. Max FrenzelF100/202, F100/2024407
m.frenzelAthzdr.deResearch scientist
Dr. Marius KernF100/307, F100/3074435
m.kernAthzdr.deResearcher / Coordinator MoCa
Dr. Joachim KrauseT06/0184412
joachim.krauseAthzdr.deResponsible for LA-ICP-MS and electron microprobe
Dr. Robert MöckelF100/206, F100/2064444
r.moeckelAthzdr.deResponsible for X-ray analytics (XRF, XRD)
Lucas PereiraF100/209, F100/2094477
l.pereiraAthzdr.dePhD Student - MoCa project
Dr. Axel RennoF100/205, F100/2054755
Dr. Cynthia Sanchez-GarridoT06/0174414
Dr. Dirk Sandmannd.sandmannAthzdr.deERZLABOR Advanced Solutions GmbH - Spin-off of HZDR | HIF
Jonathan SittnerF100/4014473
Laura TusaF100/305, F100/3054484
Chandra Widyananda Winardhic.winardhiAthzdr.dePhD Student - ION4RAW project