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Dr. habil. Andreas Scheinost

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Jana Gorzitze
Institute of Resource Ecology
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Planned Shutdown
January 1, 2018
Please note the long shutdown of ESRF in 2019/2020.
Already in 2018, beamtime is limited to Jan-Jun and Nov-Dec!

Aghakhani, S., D. Grandjean, W. Baekelant, E. Coutiño-Gonzalez, E. Fron, K. Kvashnina, M. B. J. Roeffaers, J. Hofkens, B. F. Sels and P. Lievens (2018). Atomic scale reversible opto-structural switching of few atom luminescent silver clusters confined in LTA zeolites. Nanoscale


Current schedule

Current ROBL schedule

Green: experiments with stable isotopes only

Yellow: experiments with Tc, Th, U, and Np, generally with a per-sample activity below 10 kBq

Red: "hot" experiments with transuranium elements