Dr. Stefan Facsko

Head of Ion Beam Center
Phone: +49 351 260 2987

Add-On Services

IBC users may take advantage of additional services to ensure the successful realization of their experiments. The use of these add-on services can only be offered in conjunction with an accepted IBC experiment and an appropriate use of resources.

The following services are offered at the IBC, amongst others:

Sample preparation and processing

  • Sample cutting, polishing, chemical cleaning, and etching
  • Surface structuring with lithography (optical including laser, e-beam, ions) 
  • Thermal processing with furnaces, short-term tempering systems, flash lamps, lasers (excimer, diode)

  • Thin-film deposition (sputtering, electron beam and thermal evaporation)
  • Production of basic device structures and rudimentary electronic characterization

Where appropriate, samples and devices will be processed within a clean-room environment (ISO-5 / Class 100).

Access to AMS sample preparation

Measurement and characterization

  • Optical and electrical characterization (Raman, IR, PL; IU, CV, STM, ...)
  • Electron microscopy and spectroscopy (SEM, HIM, TEM, AES, XPS)
  • X-ray investigations (reflectometry, diffraction, small-angle scattering)

Simulation and data analysis

  • Simulation of ion-solid interactions (doping, defects, ion beam mixing)
  • Simulation of surface patterning (sputtering, surface diffusion)
  • Data evaluation of ion beam analysis