How to get Beamtime at the Rossendorf Beamline

Two thirds of the beamtime is managed by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf ("HZDR beamtime"). The remaining one third is managed by the ESRF ("ESRF beamtime"). You are invited to apply for both types of beamtime as explained below.

HZDR Beamtime

Experiments initiated and performed by the institutes of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf and their collaborators have priority. If you are an external user, you are welcome to initiate a collaboration. For all experiments, a formal Application Procedure has to be followed at least 8 weeks before the planned date of the experiment. Instructions to submit such a CRG proposal to ROBL-RCH are given below. For further details please visit the ESRF User Guide. The proposals are evaluated by the Rossendorf Beamline Review Pannel:

Prof. Laurent Charlet, Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble, France
Prof. André Maes, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Dr. Vinzenz Brendler, HZDR, Dresden, Germany
Dr. Andreas Scheinost,  HZDR, Dresden, Germany

To discuss the technical feasibility of your experiment, you should contact well in advance the beamline responsible, Andreas Scheinost, by email (scheinost(at) or by phone (+33 6 340 358 18).

After the experiment, an Experimental Report has to be submitted.

ESRF Beamtime

Users may also apply for the 1/3 of beamtime managed by the ESRF. The application is possible twice a year (deadlines are March 1st and September 10th). These proposals are reviewed by the scientific advisory committee of the ESRF. However, you should contact ROBL staff to discuss the technical feasibility of your experiment before submitting the proposal. If your proposal has been accepted, the ESRF will reimburse your travel and accomomodation expenses.

Application Procedure

Please go to the ESRF SMIS login: ESRF User Portal.

Enter your surname and password, if you already have an account, otherwise request one.

Click on Proposals/Experiments and then Proposals and then New Proposal.

Select either Standard ESRF (for proposals going to the ESRF evaluation pannel) or CRG-Proposal, followed by BM20 (ROBL), and follow the tour.

Please refer to the ESRF page Preparing your Experiment in order to  submit the A-form once you got scheduled your beamtime by the beamline scientists. This A-form will initiate all necessary work to gain your access to the ESRF campus (like the ESRF badge), reserve your rooms at the guest house and provide you with a canteen card. It is through the entry port of the proposal submission that you can submit a sample sheet and finally, after your experiment has been performed, the experimental report (for ESRF  and CRG experiments). For experimental reports of inhouse research, please use the following form, which has to be submitted to ROBL by email as well as via the ESRF and CRG User Portal  within 6 months after completion of your experiment:

Experimental Report for inhouse research (Word)