Dr. Thomas Herrmannsdörfer

Head of department
Phone: +49 351 260 3320

Magnetic Phenomena in Condensed Matter

HIBEF YBCO crystal gif

HIBEF YBCO crystal gif

Foto: Carsten Baehtz


Many future-oriented technologies of today's society rely on functional materials with properties tailored to their specific roles. The basis for such optimization is an exact knowledge of the relationships between structure and physical properties in these novel materials. However, by far not all physical effects are yet understood and open questions still remain about the behavior of different material groups. The combination of intense X-ray radiation and high magnetic fields offer an advanced platform to explore the strutural and functional properties of complex materials to a microscopic scale. Such extreme and unique sample conditions will allow for performing advanced studies on the quantum-driven properties of magnetic materials, metals, semi- and superconductors.

Very high magnetic fields beyond 40 Tesla nowadays can only be produced on a short time scale. That is why European XFEL is therefore the best analytical tool for this purpose, with its extremely high brilliance and exceptional time structure. Within the framework of the HIBEF user consortium, an experimental setup for investigation of crystal structures in a pulsed magnetic field of up to 60 Tesla is foreseen. The combination of this most powerful X-ray source and such high magnetic fields will be unique worldwide.

Strong field magnetic phenoma at XFEL are being proceed jointly at DESY and HZDR.

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