HIBEF User Consortium

The HIBEF is an international user consortium of research institutes and universities. The German stakeholder are DESY, Helmholtz Institute Jena and Helmholtz Center Dresden Rossendorf, later is the leading institute. This share is financed by the Helmholtz Forschungsgemeinschaft Germany. In addition a HIBEF UK sub-consortia is formed by the University Oxford and the Central Laser Facility (CLF), which provides a high energy laser system, similar approaches are discussed in China and the USA.

So the User-Consortium consists of over 80 groups from more than 60 institutes from 16 nations. It comprises more than 350 scientists and more than 300 PhD students.

The different topics are organized in work package, led by a scientist out of this field.

Organization chart

A current organizational chart of the User Consortium can be found here.

The following people have agreed to coordinate distinct aspects within the User-Consortium:

  • X-ray instrumentation -  A. Schropp (DESY)
  • High-Energy Laser - T. Butcher (CLF), T. Toncian (HZDR)
  • High-Intensity laser - U. Schramm (HZDR), T. Toncian (HZDR)
  • Targets - I. Prencipe (HZDR)
  • Pulsed magnetic fields - T. Herrmannsdörfer (HZDR)
  • Diamond anvil cells - H. P. Liermann (DESY)
  • Control systems – J. Dreyer (HZDR)
  • Research Technology - P. Kaever (HZDR)
  • Building - D. Reichelt (HZDR)






  • HIBEF User Meeting and General Assembly, January 2015, Hamburg
  • European XFEL HED Instrument User Workshop, January 2015, Hamburg


  • European XFEL HED Instrument User Workshop, January 2014, Hamburg



Dr. Carsten Bähtz

Phone: +49 40 8998 6887