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PhD degrees – Online Annual Review 2017

The following graduates were finished at HZDR in the report period:

Institute of Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Härting: Characterization of an inclined rotating tubular fixed bed reactor (Prof. Uwe Hampel)

Dr. Tian Ma: A contribution to turbulence modelling in bubbly flows (Dr. Dirk Lucas)

Dr. Hieram Neumann-Heyme: Phase-field modelling of solidication and coarseningg effects in dendrite morphology evolution and fragmentation (Prof. Kerstin Eckert)

Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology

Dr. George Barakos: An assessment tool for the mineability of rare earth element deposits (Prof. Helmut Mischo, Prof. Jens Gutzmer)

Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research

Dr. Agnieszka Bogusz: Development of novel YMnO3-based memristive structures (Prof. Sibylle Gemming)

Dr. Nico Klingner: Ionenstrahlanalytik im Helium-Ionen-Mikroskop (Prof. Jürgen Faßbender)

Dr. Alireza Heidarian: Study of the static and dynamic magnetization across the first order phase transition in FeRh thin films (Prof. Jürgen Faßbender)

Dr. Martin Kopte: Spin-orbit effects in asymmetrically sandwiched ferromagnetic thin films (Prof. Jürgen Faßbender)

Dr. Manuel Langer: Spin waves: The transition from a thin film to a full magnonic crystal (Prof. Jürgen Faßbender)

Dr. Robert Wenisch: In situ and ex situ investigation of transition metal catalyzed crystallization of carbon and silicon thin films (Prof. Sibylle Gemming)

Dr. René Wutzler: Integration of III-V compound nanocrystals in silicon via ion beam implantation and flash lamp annealing (Prof. Manfred Helm)

Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Dr. Johannes Klotz: Untersuchung der Fermi-Flächen stark korrelierter Elektronensysteme und NbP (Prof. Joachim Wosnitza)

Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research

Dr. Claudia Barthel: Zur Ligandenentwicklung für den vesikulären Acetylcholintransporter im Gehirn (Prof. Jörg Steinbach)

Dr. Mathias Kranz: Use of small animal PET-MR for internal does assessment (Prof. Peter Brust)

Dr. Jens Lenk: Biochemische Charakterisierung ausgewählter Rezeptor-Ligand- und Enzym-Inhibitor-Systeme mittels Oberflächen-Plasmon-Resonanz-Spektroskopie (Prof. Jens Pietzsch)

Dr. Kritee Pant: Dentritic Polyglycerols for multimodal imaging and therapeutic applications (Prof. Jörg Steinbach)

Dr. Christoph Tondera: Multiskalige multimodale Bildgebung zur Charakterisierung inflammatorischer Prozesse bei der Wechselwirkung polymerer Biomaterialien mit dem Organismus in vivo und ex vivo (Prof. Jens Pietzsch)

Dr. Robert Wodtke: Transglutaminase 2 als molekulares Target zur funktionellen Bildgebung von Tumoren - Untersuchung zu Inhibitoren und fluorogenen Substraten (Prof. Jörg Steinbach)

Institute of Radiooncology - OncoRay

Dr. André Deparade: Therapeutische Wirkung des Polo-like-Kinase-1-Inhibitors BI 6727 (Volasertib(R) unter fraktionierter Bestrahlung an zwei humanen Tumor-Xenografts (Prof. Mechthild Krause)

Dr. Pia Hönscheid: The role of neuropilin-2 on initiation, progression and therapeutic response of colorectal and prostate cancer (Prof. Mechthild Krause)

Dr. rer. medic Steffi Liebscher: Die Bedeutung von VEGF-C und NRP-2 für die Strahlenresistenz im Prostatakarzinom (Prof. Mechthild Krause)

Dr. Johannes Petzold: Toward the clinical application of the prompt gamma-ray timing method for range verification in proton therapy (Dr. Guntram Pausch)

Institute of Resource Ecology

Dr. Stefan Hellebrandt: Grenzflächenreaktionen von Actiniden an Muskovit (Dr. Moritz Schmidt)

Dr. Isabell Hilger: Influence of microstructure features on the irradiation behaviour of ODS Fe14Cr alloys (Dr. Frank Bergner)

Dr. Alexander Hoffmann: Numerical simulation of thermal fluid dynamics of line-focused solar power plants with direct steam generation (Dr. Bruno Merk / Dr. Sören Kliem)

Dr. Lars Holt: Improvement and validation of a computer model for the thermo-mechanical fuel rod behavior during reactivity transients in nuclear reactors (Dr. Ulrich Rohde)

Dr. Dzianis Litskevich: Development of an advanced neutron transport solver for zooming in DYN3D (Dr. Bruno Merk / Dr. Sören Kliem)

Dr. Juliane Schott: Untersuchung der Komplexbildung im An(III)/Ln(III)-Borat-System (Dr. Astrid Barkleit)

Dr. Arne Wagner: Long-termn irradiation effects on reactor pressure vessel steels - investigations on the nanometer scale (Dr. Frank Bergner)

Department of Research Technology

Dr. Philipp Födisch: Instrumentation of CdZnTe detectors for measuring prompt gamma-rays emitted during particle therapy (Prof. Peter Kaever)