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Resource Efficiency through Modelling

In order to accurately predict the extraction efficiency of raw materials, HIF scientists apply the so-called geometallurgy approach, an interdisciplinary practice that combines petrographic analysis methods and mathematical models.

For the Processing Department, the geometallurgical focus is set on the froth flotation. Empirical and fundamental models are combined with the aim to produce appropriate predictive as well as flexible froth flotation simulations, on the basis of particle and flotation information.

Flotation modeling of tungsten and tantalum ores

The project OptimOre, for example, has the goal to optimize the tungsten and tantalum ore production, by means of an improved, fast, and flexible process controlling. The bases for this are new software models, advanced sensing and a deeper understanding of physical processes. Within OptimOre, the HIF is responsible for the froth flotation and process modelling.

Selected Publications

  • Kupka, N.; Rudolph, M.
    "Froth flotation of scheelite - a review", International Journal of Mining Science and Technology (2018)
    DOI-Link: 10.1016/j.ijmst.2017.12.001