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Head of Department
Reactive Transport
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Katrin Gerstner

Secretary Reactive Transport
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Recent publications


The influence of sedimentary heterogeneity on the diffusion of radionuclides in the sandy facies of Opalinus Clay at the field scale

Chen, C.; Yuan, T.; Lu, R.; Fischer, C.; Kolditz, O.; Shao, H.

Temporal and spatial evolution of enzymatic degradation of amorphous PET plastics

Lippold, H.; Kahle, L.; Sonnendecker, C.; Matysik, J.; Fischer, C.

The influence of sedimentary and diagenetic heterogeneity on the radionuclide diffusion in the sandy facies of the Opalinus Clay at the core scale

Yuan, T.; Fischer, C.

Pore network and solute flux pattern analysis towards improved predictability of diffusive transport in argillaceous host rocks

Bollermann, T.; Yuan, T.; Kulenkampff, J.; Stumpf, T.; Fischer, C.

Mechanistic understanding of Curium(III) sorption on natural K feldspar surfaces

Demnitz, M.; Schymura, S.; Neumann, J.; Schmidt, M.; Schäfer, T.; Stumpf, T.; Müller, K.

Improved Kinetics for Mineral Dissolution Reactions in Pore-Scale Reactive Transport Modeling

Schabernack, J.; Fischer, C.

Uptake of niobium by cement systems relevant for nuclear waste disposal: impact of ISA and chloride

Cevirim-Papaioannou, N.; Jo, Y.; Franke, K.; Fuss, M.; de Blochouse, B.; Altmaier, M.; Gaona, X.

Stable isotope fractionation of thallium as novel evidence for its geochemical transfer during lead‑zinc smelting activities

Zhou, Y.; He, H.; Wang, J.; Liu, J.; Lippold, H.; Bao, Z.; Wang, L.; Lin, Y.; Fang, F.; Huang, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Xiao, T.; Yuan, W.; Wei, X.; Tsang, D. C. W.

Low Carbon Footprint Recycling of Post-Consumer PET Plastic with a Metagenomic Polyester Hydrolase

Sonnendecker, C.; Oeser, J.; Richter, P. K.; Hille, P.; Zhao, Z.; Fischer, C.; Lippold, H.; Blázquez-Sánchez, P.; Engelberger, F.; Ramírez-Sarmiento, C. A.; Oeser, T.; Lihanova, Y.; Frank, R.; Jahnke, H.-G.; Billig, S.; Abel, B.; Sträter, N.; Matysik, J.; Zimmermann, W.


Implementing the Variability of Crystal Surface Reactivity in Reactive Transport Modeling

Prill, T.; Fischer, C.; Gavrilenko, P.; Iliev, O.

Implementing Heterogeneous Crystal Surface Reactivity in Reactive Transport Simulations: The Example of Calcite Dissolution

Karimzadeh, L.; Fischer, C.

Rational Design of Two-dimensional Binary Polymers from Heterotriangulenes for Photocatalytic Water Splitting

Zhou, Z.; Springer, M.; Geng, W.; Zhu, X.; Li, T.; Li, M.; Jing, Y.; Heine, T.

Effects of surface roughness and mineralogy on the sorption of Cm(III) on crystalline rock

Demnitz, M.; Molodtsov, K.; Schymura, S.; Schierz, A.; Müller, K.; Jankovsky, F.; Havlova, V.; Stumpf, T.; Schmidt, M.

The contribution of hydrodynamic processes to calcite dissolution rates and rate spectra

Agrawal, P.; Bollermann, Till; Raoof, A.; Iliev, O.; Fischer, C.; Wolthers, M.

Heterogeneous sorption of radionuclides predicted by crystal surface nanoroughness

Yuan, T.; Schymura, S.; Bollermann, T.; Molodtsov, K.; Chekhonin, P.; Schmidt, M.; Stumpf, T.; Fischer, C.

Effective diffusivity prediction of radionuclides in clay formations using an integrated upscaling workflow

Yuan, T.; Fischer, C.

Influence of Muscovite (001) Surface Nanotopography on Radionuclide Adsorption Studied by Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations

Schabernack, J.; Kurganskaya, I.; Fischer, C.; Luttge, A.

Dissolution-based uptake of CeO2 nanoparticles by fresh water shrimp – A dual-radiolabelling study of the fate of anthropogenic cerium in water organisms

Schymura, S.; Rybkin, I.; Uygan, S. S. S.; Drev, S.; Podlipec, R.; Rijavec, T.; Mansel, A.; Lapanje, A.; Franke, K.; Strok, M.

Semimetallic square-octagon two-dimensional polymer with high mobility

Liu, T.-J.; Springer, M.; Heinsdorf, N.; Kuc, A. B.; Valenti, R.; Heine, T.

Production of no-carrier-added 89Zr at an 18 MeV cyclotron, its purification and use in investigations in solvent extraction

Mansel, A.; Franke, K.

Molecular-level speciation of Eu(III) adsorbed on a migmatized gneiss as determined using µTRLFS

Molodtsov, K.; Demnitz, M.; Schymura, S.; Jankovský, F.; Havlová, V.; Schmidt, M.

Metal dissociation from humic colloids: Kinetics with time-dependent rate constants

Lippold, H.; Zedek, L.


Influence of chemical zoning on sandstone calcite cement dissolution: The case of manganese and iron

Trindade Pedrosa, E.; Fischer, C.; Morales, L. F.; Rohlfs, R. D.; Luttge, A.

Small-scale diagenetic facies heterogeneity controls porosity and permeability pattern in reservoir sandstones

Heidsiek, M.; Butscher, C.; Blum, P.; Fischer, C.

Quantitative isotopic fingerprinting of thallium associated with potentially toxic elements (PTEs) in fluvial sediment cores with multiple anthropogenic sources

Liu, J.; Zhou, Y.; She, J.; Tsang, D. C. W.; Lippold, H.; Wang, J.; Jiang, Y.; Wei, X.; Yuan, W.; Luo, X.; Zhai, S.; Song, L.

The fate of anthropogenic nanoparticles, nTiO2 and nCeO2, in waste water treatment

Lange, T.; Schneider, P.; Schymura, S.; Franke, K.

Rapidly Switchable Universal CAR-T Cells for Treatment of CD123-Positive Leukemia

Loff, S.; Dietrich, J.; Meyer, J.-E.; Riewaldt, J.; Spehr, J.; von Bonin, M.; Gründer, C.; Swayampakula, M.; Franke, K.; Feldmann, A.; Bachmann, M.; Ehninger, G.; Ehninger, A.; Cartellieri, M.

Preface of a special issue of the American Journal of Science

Fischer, C.; Arvidson, R. S.

Crystal surface reactivity analysis using a combined approach of X-ray micro-computed tomography and vertical scanning interferometry

Kahl, W.-A.; Yuan, T.; Bollermann, T.; Bach, W.; Fischer, C.

Topological Two-Dimensional Polymers

Springer, M.; Liu, T.-J.; Kuc, A. B.; Heine, T.

Proximity effect in crystalline framework materials: stacking-induced functionality in MOFs and COFs

Kuc, A. B.; Springer, M.; Batra, K.; Juarez-Mosqueda, R.; Wöll, C.; Heine, T.

Effect of DTPA on europium sorption onto quartz – Batch sorption experiments and surface complexation modeling

Karimzadeh, L.; Lippold, H.; Stockmann, M.; Fischer, C.

Identification of Prime Factors to Maximize the Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution of Covalent Organic Frameworks

Ghosh, S.; Nakada, A.; Springer, M.; Kawaguchi, T.; Suzuki, K.; Kaji, H.; Baburin, I.; Kuc, A. B.; Heine, T.; Suzuki, H.; Abe, R.; Seki, S.

Thallium contamination, health risk assessment and source apportionment in common vegetables

Liu, J.; Wei, X.; Zhou, Y.; Tsang, D. C. W.; Bao, Z.; Yin, M.; Lippold, H.; Yuan, W.; Wang, J.; Feng, Y.; Chen, D.

Temporal evolution of dissolution kinetics of polycrystalline calcite

Bollermann, T.; Fischer, C.


A Statistical Approach for Analysis of Dissolution Rates Including Surface Morphology

Pedrosa, E. P.; Kurganskaya, I.; Fischer, C.; Luttge, A.

Electronic Properties of a New Family of Layered Materials from Groups 14-15: First-Principles Simulations

Ramzan, M. S.; Bacic, V.; Jing, Y.; Kuc, A.

Nature and Surface Interactions of Sulfur-Containing Deposits on V2O5-WO3/TiO2- Catalysts for SCR-DeNOx

Rammelt, T.; Kuc, A.; Böhm, J.; Heine, T.; Gläser, R.

Revealing the Nature of Photoluminescence Emission in Metal-Halide Double Perovskites

Zelewski, S. J.; Urban, J. M.; Surrente, A.; Maude, D. K.; Kuc, A.; Schade, L.; Johnson, R. D.; Dollmann, M.; Nayak, P. K.; Snaith, H. J.; Radaelli, P. G.; Kudrawiec, R.; Nicholas, R. J.; Plochocka, P.; Baranowski, M.

Sorption of Eu(III) on Eibenstock granite studied by µTRLFS: A novel spatially-resolved luminescence-spectroscopic technique

Molodtsov, K.; Schymura, S.; Rothe, J.; Dardenne, K.; Schmidt, M.

Thallium pollution in China and removal technologies for waters: A review

Liu, J.; Luo, X.; Sun, Y.; Tsang, D. C. W.; Qi, J.; Zhang, W.; Li, N.; Yin, M.; Wang, J.; Lippold, H.; Chen, Y.; Sheng, G.

High contamination risks of thallium and associated metal(loid)s in fluvial sediments from a steel-making area and implications for environmental management

Liu, J.; Ren, S.; Zhou, Y.; Tsang, D. C. W.; Lippold, H.; Wang, J.; Yin, M.; Xiao, T.; Luo, X.; Chen, Y.

Strong Variation Of Electronic Properties Of MoS2 And WS2 Nanotubes In Presence Of External Electric Fields

Zibouche, N.; Philipsen, P.; Kuc, A.

Kinetic concepts for quantitative prediction of fluid-solid interactions

Lüttge, A.; Arvidson, R. S.; Fischer, C.; Kurganskaya, I.

Conformational isomerism controls collective flexibility in metal-organic framework DUT-8(Ni)

Petkov, P. S.; Bon, V.; Hobday, C. L.; Kuc, A.; Melix, P.; Kaskel, S.; Düren, T.; Heine, T.

Discrimination of ceramic surface finishing by vertical scanning interferometry

Ionescu, C.; Fischer, C.; Hoeck, V.; Luttge, A.

The mobility of thallium in sediments and source apportionment by lead isotopes

Liu, J.; Yin, M.; Luo, X.; Xiao, T.; Wu, Z.; Li, N.; Wang, J.; Zhang, W.; Lippold, H.; Belshaw, N.; Feng, Y.; Chen, Y.


Non equilibrium anisotropic excitons in atomically thin ReS2

Urban, J. M.; Baranowski, M.; Kuc, A.; Klopotowski, L.; Surrente, A.; Ma, Y.; Wlodarczyk, D.; Suchocki, A.; Ovchinnikov, D.; Heine, T.; Maude, D. K.; Kis, A.; Plochocka, P.

2D Crystals in Three Dimensions: Electronic Decoupling of Single-Layered Platelets in Colloidal Nanoparticles

Kempt, R.; Kuc, A.; Han, J. H.; Cheon, J.; Heine, T.

Photochemical creation of covalent organic 2D monolayer objects in defined shapes via a lithographic 2D-polymerization

Servalli, M.; Celebi, K.; Payamyar, P.; Zheng, L.; Polozij, M.; Lowe∥, B.; Kuc, A.; Schwarz, T.; Thorwarth, K.; Borgschulte○, A.; Heine, T.; Zenobi, R.; Schlüter, A. D.

Temporal Evolution of Calcite Surface Dissolution Kinetics

Bibi, I.; Arvidson, R. S.; Fischer, C.; Luttge, A.

Crystal dissolution kinetics studied by a combination of Monte Carlo and Voronoi methods

Rohlfs, R. D.; Fischer, C.; Kurganskaya, I.; Luttge, A.

Computer simulation of the ternary problem – technical aspects and possibilities

Zedek, L.; Lippold, H.; Sembera, J.

Inherited control of crystal surface reactivity

Fischer, C.; Kurganskaya, I.; Lüttge, A.

Pulsating dissolution of crystalline matter

Fischer, C.; Lüttge, A.

Effect of pH on the mobility of the herbicide MCPA in a sand-goethite column: 1D and 2D reactive transport modeling

Lippold, H.; Karimzadeh, L.; Kulenkampff, J.; Wissmeier, L.; Stuhlfauth, C.; Stoll, M.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.

Time-lapse 3D imaging by positron emission tomography of Cu mobilized in a soil column by the herbicide MCPA

Kulenkampff, J.; Stoll, M.; Gründig, M.; Mansel, A.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.; Kersten, M.

Geochemical dispersal of thallium and accompanying metals in sediment profiles from a smelter-impacted area in South China

Liu, J.; Wang, J.; Xiao, T.; Bao, Z.; Lippold, H.; Luo, X.; Yin, M.; Ren, J.; Chen, Y.; Linghu, W.

Provenance of uranium in a sediment core from a natural reservoir, South China: Application of Pb stable isotope analysis

Liu, J.; Luo, X.; Wang, J.; Xiao, T.; Yin, M.; Belshaw, N. S.; Lippold, H.; Kong, L.; Xiao, E.; Bao, Z.; Li, N.; Chen, Y.; Linghu, W.

Glutamic acid leaching of synthetic covellite – A model system combining experimental data and geochemical modeling

Barthen, R.; Karimzadeh, L.; Gründig, M.; Grenzer, J.; Lippold, H.; Franke, K.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.


Aufklärung der Rolle von CeO2-Nanopartikel-Auflösung bei der Aufnahme in die Pflanze mittels intelligenter Radiomarkierung

Schymura, S.; Fricke, T.; Hildebrand, H.; Franke, K.

Effect of glutamic acid on copper sorption onto kaolinite - batch experiments and surface complexation modeling

Karimzadeh, L.; Barthen, R.; Stockmann, M.; Gruendig, M.; Franke, K.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.

Thallium contamination in arable soils and vegetables around a steel plant – A newly-found significant source of Tl pollution in South China

Liu, J.; Luo, X.; Wang, J.; Xiao, T.; Chen, D.; Sheng, G.; Yin, M.; Lippold, H.; Wang, C.; Chen, Y.

Elucidating the role of dissolution in CeO2 nanoparticle plant uptake by smart radiolabeling

Schymura, S.; Fricke, T.; Hildebrand, H.; Franke, K.

Hydroxyquinoline-Calix[4]arene-Conjugates as Ligands for Polynuclear Lanthanide Complexes: Preparation, Characterization, and Properties of a Dinuclear Eu(III) complex

Jäschke, A.; Kischel, M.; Mansel, A.; Kersting, B.

Mobility and transport of copper(II) influenced by the microbial siderophore DFOB: Column experiment and modelling

Karimzadeh, L.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.; Franke, K.; Lippold, H.

Benchmarking PET for geoscientific applications: 3D quantitative diffusion coefficient estimation in clay rock

Lippmann-Pipke, J.; Gerasch, R.; Schikora, J.; Kulenkampff, J.

Geochemical transfer and preliminary health risk assessment of thallium in a riverine system in the Pearl River Basin, South China

Liu, J.; Wang, J.; Chen, Y.; Lippold, H.; Xiao, T.; Li, H.; Shen, C.-C.; Xie, L.; Xie, X.; Yang, H.

Dynamics of metal-humate complexation equilibria as revealed by isotope exchange studies – a matter of concentration and time

Lippold, H.; Eidner, S.; Kumke, M. U.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.


Effect of compression on the electronic, optical and transport properties of MoS2/graphene-based junctions

Ghorbani-Asl, M.; Bristowe, P. D.; Koziol, K.; Heine, T.; Kuc, A.

Thallium dispersal and contamination in surface sediments from South China and its source identification

Liu, J.; Wang, J.; Chen, Y.; Shen, C.-C.; Jiang, X.; Xi, X.; Chen, D.; Lippold, H.; Wang, C.

Quantitative experimental monitoring of molecular diffusion in clay with positron emission tomography

Kulenkampff, J.; Gründig, M.; Lippman-Pipke, J.; Zakhnini, A.

Geoscientific process monitoring with positron emission tomography (GeoPET)

Kulenkampff, J.; Gründig, M.; Zakhnini, A.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.

Thallium transformation and partitioning during Pb-Zn smelting and environmental implications

Liu, J.; Wang, J.; Chen, Y.; Xie, X.; Qi, J.; Lippold, H.; Luo, D.; Wang, C.; Su, L.; He, L.; Wu, Q.

Effects of ionic strength and fulvic acid on the adsorption of Tb3+ and Eu3+ onto clay

Poetsch, M.; Lippold, H.


Production of no-carrier-added 135La at an 18 MeV cyclotron and its purification for investigations at a concentration range down to 10-15 mol/L

Mansel, A.; Franke, K.

Lithological control on gas hydrate saturation as revealed by signal classification of NMR logging data

Bauer, K.; Kulenkampff, J.; Henninges, J.; Spangenberg, E.

Strategies for radiolabeling of commercial TiO2 nanopowder as a tool for sensitive nanoparticle detection in complex matrices

Hildebrand, H.; Schymura, S.; Holzwarth, U.; Gibson, N.; Dalmiglio, M.; Franke, K.

Convenient recycling and reuse of bombarded [18O]H2O for the production and the application of [18F]F

Rötering, S.; Franke, K.; Zessin, J.; Brust, P.; Füchtner, F.; Fischer, S.; Steinbach, J.

Process tomography of diffusion, using PET, to evaluate anisotropy and heterogeneity

Kulenkampff, J.; Gründig, M.; Zakhnini, A.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.


Extraction properties of 25,27-bis(carbonylmethoxy)calix[4]arenes towards Sr2+: competitive extraction and extraction in a synthetic groundwater.

Haupt, S.; Schnorr, R.; Poetsch, M.; Mansel, A.; Handke, M.; Kersting, B.

Positron emission tomography in pebble beds. part 2: graphite particle deposition and resuspension

Barth, T.; Kulenkampff, J.; Bras, S.; Gründig, M.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.; Hampel, U.

New insights into the dynamics of adsorption equilibria of humic matter as revealed by radiotracer studies

Lippold, H.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.

Positron emission tomography in pebble beds. Part 1: Liquid particle deposition

Barth, T.; Ludwig, M.; Kulenkampff, J.; Gründig, M.; Franke, K.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.; Hampel, U.

Production of 85Sr at a 18 MeV-cyclotron and purification for geochemical investigations

Mansel, A.; Gruhne, S.; Franke, K.; Fischer, S.


On the effect of carbon nanotubes on properties of liquid crystals

Schymura, S.; Scalia, G.

Monte Carlo simulations of GeoPET experiments: 3D images of tracer distributions (18F, 124I and 58Co) in Opalinus Clay, anhydrite and quartz

Zakhnini, A.; Kulenkampff, J.; Sauerzapf, S.; Pietrzyk, U.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.

Geochemical study of different-aged mining dump materials in the Freiberg mining district, Germany

Stockmann, M.; Hirsch, D.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.; Kupsch, H.


PD Dr. Cornelius Fischer

Head of Department
Reactive Transport
Phone: +49 351 260 4660