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Molecular Structures

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Restart News
October 18, 2019
Upgrade proceeds as planned, restart expected in September 2020!


The Rossendorf Beamline Layout

  • two endstations in alternating operation for X-Ray Spectroscopy and Diffraction Experiments
  • molecular actinoid science for the save management of nuclear waste, fundamental actinoid science and mining-related environmental chemistry

The Rossendorf Beamline has been designed originally for a variety of Chemistry and Materials Science experiments, which are located in two experimental hutches, the Radiochemistry Hutch (RCH-1), and the former Materials Research Hutch (MRH), now going to be rebuilt as RCH-2 (Fig.  1). RCH-1 hosts the dedicated X-ray absorption spectroscopy experiment, and RCH-2 the X-ray diffraction and emission spectroscopy experiments. The optics provide the monochromatic (in the 3 to 35 keV range), collimated or focused beam for all experiments, hence only one experiment can be conducted at the same time. The optics have been rebuilt in 2011/2012 to provide both a high flux at high and medium energy resolution (for diffraction) and a high flux over a wide energy range with high energy resolution (for XAFS spectroscopy). Thanks to its polyvalent design, the optics are well suited for the range of new methods.

Beamline Layout 2018 ©Copyright: HZDR/Scheinost

ROBL Beamline Layout

Foto: HZDR/Scheinost