Terahertz wave

Title Terahertz wave
Description Terahertz waves are becoming ever more important in science and technology: they enable us to unravel the properties of future materials, test the quality of automotive paint and screen envelopes. But generating these waves is still a challenge. A team at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), TU Dresden and the University of Konstanz has now made significant progress: it has developed a germanium component that generates short terahertz pulses that have an advantageous property: the pulses have an extremely broad bandwidth and thus deliver many different terahertz frequencies at the same time. As it has been possible to manufacture the component employing methods already used in the semiconductor industry, the development promises a broad range of applications in research and technology.
Copyright HZDR / Juniks
Picture Id 60474
Date 12.03.2020
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