Central Technical Services Department (FKT)

The central department of Technical Services is responsible for the technical and infrastructural facility management, the renovation of buildings as well as supply installations and finally the radiation protection and general safety aspects of the campus. It is divided in 3 specific departments.

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) covers an area of nearly 180 ha at the eastern border of the town of Dresden. On the same campus the VKTA - Radiation Protection, Analytic & Disposal Inc. is located.

The HZDR uses about 35 buildings for research laboratories and offices. Additionally, there are different buildings for services and  technical infrastructure. The campus has a street system of nearly 13 km and other 4 km roads.

For the supply there are the usual systems for electricity, heating, water, sewage, telephone, LAN but also specific systems, e.g. chemical contaminated water from laboratories.

By running all infrastructure, the central department creates significant preconditions for the research in the 6 institutes of the HZDR as well as for the work of the VKTA.

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Green Campus: http://www.hzdr.de/FZD/epaper/Green%20Campus/

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