Scientific Program of ELBE

The Radiation Source ELBE is the largest and most versatile research instrument of the HZDR. The electron beam of the superconducting linear accelerator delivers different kinds of secondary radiation for various research purposes from materials science up to medicine. The ELBE Center for High-Power Radiation Sources comprises of the Radiation Source as well as the two high-intensity lasers DRACO and PENELOPE.

Research Sector Health

Metaphase der Brustdrüsenepithelzelllinie

Radiation induced cell damage(1)

Research Sector Matter

Spectroscopy setupFEL-based semiconductor spectroscopy(2)

THzstreakingHigh-field THz-driven dynamics(3)

Materialforschung mit PositronenMaterials research with positrons(4)

Accelerator Research and Developement (ARD)

SRF-Gun Design CryostatSuperconducting RF Gun(5)

SRF-Gun Design CryostatLaser - ion acceleration(6)

SRF-Gun Design CryostatLaser-electron acceleration(7)
Thomson scattering and optical undulators(8)

Discrete 100_1TH-based diagnostic of quasi-cw accelerator-based photon sources(9)


Opt. SynchronizationOptical synchronization(10)

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