Department of Mechanical Engineering - FWFM

Zeichnung Hochfeldspule

Magnetic high-field coil

FWFM Übersichtsbild

Design examples by FWFM

Zeichnung Bestrahlungsmagnet

Irradiation magnet

The Department of Mechanical Engineering designs and develops unique products for the Institutes of the HZDR. This covers q wide range from simple racks and auxiliary equipment, vacuum systems through to complex components of particle accelerators, lasers, or experiment equipment with very high requirements in many cases. The tasks are specified in direct contact with the scientists. Technical solutions are developed which meet the specific requirements optimally.

The range of experience includes broad areas of general mechanical and plant engineering, fine and precision engineering, scientific instrumentation, focusing on vacuum technology, laser technology, accelerator components, systems and components for high- and low-temperature application and applications using electric and magnetic fields.

Closely linked to the electronic departments and the in-house Department of Mechanical Technology the developments are accompanied by our design engineers from the first idea through design, manufacturing to the user acceptance test and are adapted continuously to the rapidly changing needs of the researchers.


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Dr. Christian Steglich
Head of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: +49 351 260 3079

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