Occupational Safety

Safety workplaces - Healthy employees

A sustainable health, safety and environmental protection is a basis for the excellent research in HZDR. Ensuring the integrity and health of all employees and guests and ensure a trouble-free operation sequence are therefore at the front office of action.


  • Support for executives and employees in matters of occupational health and safety with advice and control.
  • Work safety organisation and participation in workplace safety committee.
  • Support and consultation of safety representatives
  • Creation of tools for risk assesment and other templates
  • Issue of safety and operation instructions
  • Prevention and measures to improve work safety
  • Cooperation with the company doctor
  • Registration and investigation of accidents

News:    Handling of nanomaterials at work

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Emergency:    112
Central alarm office:  3333
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Steffen Seifert(10)

(occupational safety engineer)

Phone: 0351 260 3366
Mail: s.seifert@hzdr.de

Anne Höhnel(11)

(occupational safety engineer)

Phone:    0351 260 2375  
Mail:        a.hoehnel@hzdr.de  

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