Workshop on


Gamma Strength and Level Density


in Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Technology


Dresden-Rossendorf, August 30 to September 3, 2010



The workshop shall focus on experimental and theoretical progress in the description of gamma strength functions and level densities in nuclei.

Special emphasis should also be given to applications for nuclear reactions that may play a role in future reactor technology and transmutation.

Main topics are:

  • Measurements of gamma strength functions
  • Theoretical descriptions of gamma strength functions
  • Nuclear level densities
  • Photonuclear and neutron-induced reactions
  • Statistical models for nuclear reactions
  • Applications for nuclear technologies

International Advisory Commitee:

  • F. Becvar (Uni Prague)
  • L. Bernstein (LLNL Livermore)
  • R. Capote Noy (IAEA Vienna)
  • T. Cowan (FZD Rossendorf)
  • S. Grimes (Ohio Uni Athens)
  • M. Guttormsen (Uni Oslo)
  • G. Martinez Pinedo (GSI Darmstadt)
  • G. Mitchell (NCSU and TUNL Durham)
  • J. Ullmann (LANL Los Alamos)

Local Organizing Committee:

  • A. Junghans
  • A. Liebezeit
  • R. Massarczyk
  • R. Schwengner (chair)
  • A. Wagner

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