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Semester courses are not announced in this calendar. The complete list of technical courses offered at the IHRS NanoNet can be found here(1).

For a complete list of all events organized within the cfAED cluster of excellence click here(2).
The full list of courses, workshops and lectures organized by the Graduate Academy of the TU Dresden can be found here(3).

Logo Science Calendar(4)

NanoNet PhD-Seminar 2017-2(5), 13:00, HZDR, Dresden, DE

IPMS Industry Partner Day(6), Dresden, DE

DPG Spring Meeting(7) and EPS-CMD27, Berlin, DE

cfaed Symposium 2018(8), ICC, Dresden, DE

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(2) http://cfaed.tu-dresden.de/events
(3) https://tu-dresden.de/ga?set_language=en
(4) http://www.dresden-science-calendar.de/en/
(5) http://www.hzdr.de/db/Cms?pOid=43040#2017-2
(6) https://www.ipms.fraunhofer.de/de/events/2017/IndustryPartnerDay2017.html
(7) http://berlin18.dpg-tagungen.de/index/switchLanguage?set_language=en
(8) https://cfaed.tu-dresden.de/upcoming-events/cfaed-symposium18