Microsoft Software Licenses at the HZDR

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Until 31.03.2016 the HZDR had a "Campus License Agreement" with Microsoft. Thus all the MS Windows / MS Office licenses and a continuous update for all the equipment of HZDR have been ensured. This campus model is no longer available for the research facilities.

For this reason, a complete buy-out of the current desktop licenses by the 31.3.2016 was done.This involved the purchase of licenses for:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise (Long-Term-Stability-Branch 2015),
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Professional plus (includes MS Outlook),
  • Microsoft WIndows coreCAL (access license for Server-Services),
  • Microsoft Windows RDCal (access license for Remote Desktop),

Since a continuous maintenance of the new, expensive agreement (BMI) is no longer acceptable, an update of these licenses is only possible through paid orders in the future.

As part of the buyout, the number of devices with Microsoft operating systems and Office has been determined. This number of licenses was procured and can be used permanent. With every hardware order for a new Windows machine an OEM license for the operating system is ordered (so far already). Thus an image-based installation is also possible, if an existing computer is separated (weed out). If it is an additional device, a new acquisition of a Windows Professional license and possibly an Office package (Standard or Professional) is necessary. The HZDR and each institution must therefore budget with the existing licenses!

Since the strategy of the medium-term re-use of existing licenses and versions will lead to an acquisition of a large number of licenses in the long term, it is imperative to limit the use of (future expensive) Microsoft licenses to the absolutely necessary minimum. It must be examined in each individual case whether an alternative (like Libre Office or Linux) can be used.

Home-use licenses

With the Campus Agreement the HZDR gave its employees the opportunity to get home-use licenses for updates of Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office software in its own private office (or on your own laptop). These licenses may be used only as long as a valid Campus contract existed (until 31.3.2016).

Installed Home-use versions may no longer be used from 01.04.2016. On the respective computer the software has to be reset to the previous state (for example, the OEM version) or to be removed!

For questions regarding software licensing, software procurement and the software database, please contact