• Paper scan
    • Type: GRAPHTEC CSX510-09
    • up to A0 with maximum 600 dpi
  • Slide scan
    • Type: Epson-200
    • standard slide 36 mm (framed and unframed), resolution up to 2400 dpi

Scanning of paper and slides

  • Please pass the items to be scanned to A. Geyer or any other member of the computing center at building 614.
  • Please specify your favored image file format when submitting your items. In case of doubt please contact A. Geyer.

    Common formats:

    Format Suffix Software Compression
    Graphics Interchange Format GIF XView, XPaint, GIMP (UNIX/X11), all DTP programs (CorelDraw, MGXDesigner), some Shareware/PD programs under MS-Windows +
    JPEG JPG XView and GIMP (UNIX/X11), all DTP programs (CorelDraw, MGX Designer), some Shareware/PD programs under MS-Windows ++
    Windows Bitmap BMP nearly all Window programs, XView and GIMP (UNIX/X11) -
  • The image files will be put to the file-server \\files\share\Rechenzentrum\Scan (Windows) resp. /net/files/share/Rechenzentrum/Scan for UNIX users on "uts".

Remarks on file formats and compression

  • GIF:lossless compression
    Compression works very well on images with large areas of the same color.
    Suitable for technical drawings, sketches and applications where any pixel gets essential.

    GIF, 622 Byte

    JPEG, 1457 Byte
  • JPEG: very high compression rates (1:70+) possible, but lossy
    JPEG works by the principle "there is no need to save things you cannot see"
    JPEG suites perfect for photography.

    GIF, 31385 Byte

    JPEG, 9524 Byte