Measures against Spam Mails

What are Spam Mails?

All unsolicited  e-mail is called "spam". Most likely this e-mail is characterized by:
  • a huge amount of target addresses
  • invalid sender addresses
  • advertising or pornographic content
Unfortunately because of missing or wrong initiator addresses you are most likely not able to sue the initiator. If you can identify the initiator you may sue him based on the "Act Against Unfair Practice" (§7 UwG). There are a few precedences but the chances are very small.


How you can protect yourself against spam e-mail

Central Measures

At the FZD the spam filter software SpamAssassin is used. It checks all (incoming and outgoing) mail traffic. Suspicious e-mail is marked. The algorithms are constantly updated and and trained by false rated e-mail.

Please forward false rated e-mail which does not contain spam to
not rated spam should be forwarded to to improve the system.

Aby e-mail, having a spam-Level higher than 3 gets two additional header lines: X-Spam-Status and X-Spam-Level. If the value is higher than 5, the subject line is expanded be the string "***SPAM***". e-mail with spam-level higher 5 are held back. You may force delivery by

Based on the inserted header lines you can set up filter rules in your local e-mail software (see local measurements).

Local measures

If your e-mail client offers the possibility to set up filter rules you may use these rules to sort incoming e-mail based on their spam-level attribute.

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