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Das Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf: Über uns

Foto: Nanoteilchen für die Krebsforschung ©Copyright: HZDR/Frank Bierstedt

Research for the World of Tomorrow

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf is pursuing new insights that will allow us to maintain and improve all of our lives. That’s why the HZDR conducts research in the sectors Energy, Health and Matter. More
Foto: Glasfaserkabel ©Copyright: Flickr / Vodafone Media (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Facts and Figures

As of 2011, the HZDR has been member of the Helmholtz Association, Germany's largest scientific organization. The For­schungs­zentrum Rossendorf was founded in 1992. It was then a member of the Leibniz Association. More
Foto: Aerial photo of the HZDR in 2014 ©Copyright: Jürgen-M. Schulter /

Research Sites

In addition to its headquarters in Dresden, the HZDR has four other research sites: Grenoble/France, Freiberg, Leizpig, and Schenefeld near Hamburg. A secondary site in Dresden is located at the Uni­versity Hospital Dresden. More
Foto: Vorstand_HZDR ©Copyright: HZDR


The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf is a registered, non-profit institution supported by the authorities of the Federal Go­vernment and the Free State of Saxony. More
Foto: Schüler der Klassen 7 bis 10 können im Schülerlabor DeltaX des HZDR Experimente zum Thema Optik selbst ausprobieren. ©Copyright: Jana Grämer

DeltaX School Lab

In order to inspire the next generation for science, the HZDR runs the DeltaX School Lab. It offers various activities for young people from grade five to secondary school levels. Furthermore, we offer trainings for teachers. More
Foto: Besuch europäischer Parlamentarier am 9. Mai 2013 ©Copyright: Oliver Killig

Visitor Service

You are interested in visiting our research center? We are pleased to introduce visitors to our most interesting research areas. Visitor groups may visit important research facilities and experimental instruments. More
Foto: Eingang ©Copyright: HZDR

Directions to the HZDR

The headquarters of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf are located in the east of Dresden. With directions and a detailed site map of our research cen­ter we provide you with essential ­information for your arrival. More
Foto: Ionenimplantation ©Copyright: HZDR/Frank Bierstedt

Media Cen­ter

In our Media Center, you will find pictures, videos, audios, and animated films on the HZDR and on exciting research topics from the sectors Energy, Health, and Mat­ter as well as di­verse HZDR logos. More
Foto: Verleihung der HZDR-Preise 2015 am 17. März 2016 ©Copyright: HZDR/André Forner

HZDR Awards

E­very year, the HZDR is honoring outstanding achievements with four HZDR Awards: The Research Award, the Technology and Innovation Award, the Award for Doctoral Candidates, and the Award for Scientific Communication. More
Foto: GreenCampus ©Copyright: HZDR

Green Campus

At the HZDR headquarters a site development focused on sustainability aspects is pursued and progresses systematically since 2002. All renovation, construction and design measures conform to the "Green Campus" concept. More
Foto: Bau HLD 2.0 - 27.03.2012 ©Copyright: Ringo Sobiella

Purchasing/ Procurement and scheduled jobs

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