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Ion Induced Nanostructures
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Fundamentals and Simulation

In order to get a better understanding of atomic-level dynamics, kinetics and thermodynamics in solids under particle irradiation and/or thermal and mechanical load the project group Fundamentals and Simulation is dealing with atomistic simulations. The main focus is on investigations of iron-based alloys and semiconductor materials.

Research subjects:

  • Thermodynamics and kinetics of defects; Irradiation-induced defect formation
  • Formation and properties of nanoclusters embedded in solids
  • Ion-beam mixing of Si- and Ge-multilayers
  • Epitaxial recrystallization of amorphous Si and Ge layers


  • First-Principle Simulations
  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Monte-Carlo Simulations
  • Binary Collision Simulations

Interaction ODS

Figure1: The dominating attractive pair interactions between O, v, Y, Ti, and Cr in a bcc-Fe matrix. The arrow thickness indicates the intensity of the interaction at the corresponding distance (1st neighbor – 1nn, 2nd neighbor – 2nn, etc.) in the underlying simple cubic lattice. If the atomic species are not connected by arrows, their interaction is repulsive (for more details see Posselt et al. 2014)

Al free energy

Figure 2: Vibrational contribution to the free formation energy of an Al atom in bcc-Fe versus temperature (thick lines), and the sum of vibrational and electronic contributions to the free formation energy (thin lines).  The red and blue color denotes results obtained using the equilibrium atomic positions calculated at the ground state under constant volume and zero-pressure (ZP) conditions, respectively. The green line shows data obtained after applying quasi-harmonic corrections to the ZP-based vibrational free energy (for more details see Murali et al. 2015).

Present group members: Dr. Matthias Posselt, Xiaoshuang Wang, Muthu Vallinayagam

Publications since 2011:

A. T. Al Motasem, M. Posselt, J. Bergström: Nanoindentation and nanoscratching of a ferrite/austenite iron bi-crystal: An atomistic study, Tribol. Int. 127 (2018) 231

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Dr. Matthias Posselt
Ion Induced Nanostructures
Phone: +49 351 260 3279, +49 351 260 2199
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